Season 5 Episodes for Fraggle Rock
Episode 1 - Mirror, Mirror
Its Reds 28th birthday in a row since the Festival of the Bells when she finds a magic mirror (named Mavis) that leads her to a very special birthday party.

Episode 2 - The Riddle Of Rhyming Rock
Gobo tries to solve the riddle of Rhyming Rock.

Episode 3 - The Voice Inside
Sprocket visits Fraggle Rock and goes on a trip with Gobo and Wrench Doozer.

Episode 4 - The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer
Cotterpin Doozer is accused of consorting with Fraggles, and she must prove that Fraggles are noble and intelligent and worthy of the respect of the Doozers.

Episode 5 - The River Of Life
When Fraggle Rocks water supply is contaminated by the Silly Creatures, only Boober can save the day.

Episode 6 - Beyond The Pond
Red and Gobos swimming competition is interrupted by the annual arrival of the Knobblies, pink vine like plants which are particularly thick this year, and which turn out to lead to something quite unexpected.

Episode 7 - Gone But Not Forgotten
On his first solo overnight hike, Wembley meets Mudwell the Mudbunny, whose behavior first entertains, and then confuses him.

Episode 8 - Mokey, Then And Now
Mokey, Wembley and Boober get transported back in time, to an era when Fraggles are bald, have leaders, and never laugh.

Episode 9 - Ring Around The Rock
Its Ma and Pa Gorgs 513th anniversary, and they must get married again. But wheres the ring

Episode 10 - Inspector Red
The Fraggle Horn is missing, and Red tries to find it, accusing many along the way.

Episode 11 - The Gorg Who Would Be King
The leaves of the Nirvana tree have fallen, and its time for Junior Gorg to become king, but not until he has a chance to get a different perspective on the Universe.

Episode 12 - The Honk Of Honks
Cantus and the Minstrels are back and ready to perform the Song of Songs, but first Gobo must find the Honk of Honks. Along the way, he meets Doc face to face for the first time.

Episode 13 - Change Of Address
Doc finally knows of the Fraggles, when he and Sprocket have to move. Will Gobo be able to relay the Trash Heaps message You cannot leave the magic in time