Season 4 Episodes for Game of Thrones
Episode 1 - Two Swords
Tyrion welcomes a surprise guest to Kings Landing for the royal wedding, but fears hes come to the Red Keep for something else. Meanwhile, Jon warns his skeptical Nights Watch superiors about an impending attack Jaime struggles to regain his status at home Arya encounters a face from her past and Daario Naharis discusses strategy with Daenerys on the journey to the slave city Meereen.

Episode 2 - The Lion and the Rose
Tyrion lends Jaime a hand. Joffrey and Margaery host a breakfast. At Dragonstone, Stannis loses patience with Davos. Ramsay finds a purpose for his pet. North of the Wall, Bran sees where they must go.

Episode 3 - Breaker of Chains
Tyrion ponders his options. Tywin extends an olive branch. Sam realizes Castle Black isnt safe, and Jon proposes a bold plan. The Hound teaches Arya the way things are. Dany chooses her champion.

Episode 4 - Oathkeeper
Dany balances justice and mercy. Jaime tasks Brienne with his honor. Jon secures volunteers while Bran, Jojen, Meera and Hodor stumble on shelter.

Episode 5 - First of His Name
Cersei and Tywin plan the Crowns next move Dany discusses future plans Jon Snow begins a new mission.

Episode 6 - The Laws of Gods and Men
Stannis and Davos set sail Dany meets with supplicants Tyrion faces down his father.

Episode 7 - Mockingbird
Tyrion gains an unlikely ally Daario asks Dany to allow him to do what he does best Jons warnings about the vulnerability of the Wall are ignored Brienne follows a new lead.

Episode 8 - The Mountain and the Viper

Episode 9 - The Watchers on the Wall

Episode 10 - The Children