Season 2 Episodes for Mad Men
Episode 1 - For Those Who Think Young
Its Valentines Day, and the Sterling Cooper advertising agency is hustling to stay on top of its game and buzzing over the newest office equipment. Don and Duck find themselves at odds over an account. Betty reconnects with an old friend and once again finds herself struggling with car trouble.

Episode 2 - Flight 1
Paul hosts a party at his apartment and introduces someone special to his Sterling Cooper colleagues. Peggy visits her family for dinner. Despite a conflict of interest, the Sterling Cooper agency aggressively pursues an airline account and Duck attempts to appeal to the client using an unorthodox approach.

Episode 3 - The Benefactor
Trouble arises on the set of a commercial Harry tries to gather support for a controversial sponsorship Betty and Don try to appease a client with a friendly dinner.

Episode 4 - Three Sundays
Peggys family hosts a lunch for their churchs new priest Don and Betty enjoy a weekend together Freddy and Ken take a client out to lunch the staff works to prepare for a last minute pitch meeting.

Episode 5 - The New Girl
Don has to deal with issues between a TV comedian and his wife Joan finds Don the perfect secretary.

Episode 6 - Maidenform
Don and Duck try to make peace Peggy tries to get into the executives after hours meetings Duck deals with a family visit.

Episode 7 - The Gold Violin
Don buys a new car Pete, Harry and Ken strategize to attract new business Dons secretary makes a grave error Cooper has a new piece of art in his office.

Episode 8 - A Night to Remember
Peggy contributes on a church project Duck and Don try to create market appeal for a foreign beer brand Harry recruits assistance to help with the workload in his department.

Episode 9 - Six Month Leave
Freddy Rumsen disappoints his team during a pitch. Pete finds an opportunity at the office to exploit while Don proves his loyalty to an old friend. Betty finds a welcome distraction in Sara Beth.

Episode 10 - The Inheritance
Betty visits her father Pauls girlfriend tries to convince him to prioritize his duties Petes mother disapproves of his and Trudys idea.

Episode 11 - The Jet Set
Don makes some new friends on his trip to Los Angeles Peggy looks for romance Duck ponders the future of Sterling Cooper.

Episode 12 - The Mountain King
Don meets up with an old friend Petes personal life presents problems Joan brings her boyfriend to the office.

Episode 13 - Meditations in an Emergency
The office scrambles without Don Betty learns some disconcerting news.