Season 2 Episodes for First Wave
Episode 1 - Target 117

Episode 2 - Deepthroat

Episode 3 - The Apostles

Episode 4 - Susperience
Following the Quatrains Cade is lead to a group of empaths with the ability to influence the thoughts of others. While investigating he begins to realize the group is under the covert control of a murderous alien.

Episode 5 - The Channel

Episode 6 - Red Flag
Following the warnings of the Quatrains Cade infiltrates a coveted Red Flag competition at West Point military academy. Here choice candidates are groomed for government leadership. There are plans to elevate one of their own to the presidency of the US to further their secretive agenda of invasion.

Episode 7 - Prayer for the White Man
Cade suspects an alien influence while investigating a casino on a Native American Reservation.

Episode 8 - The Purge
It seems that treachery is afoot amongst the acolytes on earth as Joshua is enlisted to ferret out traitors.

Episode 9 - Lost Souls

Episode 10 - The Heist
Cade is hired to steal an item. However it becomes a fight of life and death survival.

Episode 11 - Ohio Players

Episode 12 - Night Falls

Episode 13 - Normal Illinois

Episode 14 - All About Eddie

Episode 15 - Playland

Episode 16 - The Harvest

Episode 17 - Rubicon

Episode 18 - Gladiator

Episode 19 - The Trial of Joshua Bridges

Episode 20 - Underworld

Episode 21 - Tomorrow

Episode 22 - The Believers