Season 1 Episodes for Vegas
Episode 1 - Pilot
While the Chicago mob sends Vincent Savino to Las Vegas to take over a casino and uncover a rat the mayor appoints local rancher Ralph Lamb sheriff to investigate the murder of the governors niece.

Episode 2 - Money Plays
Vincent Savino tries to get to a killer in police custody before he makes a deal to turn on the mob and gets some new help from Chicago to run the casino. Meanwhile sheriff Lamb investigates the murder of a casino dealer.

Episode 3 - All That Glitters
While the sheriff investigates the death of an Olympic boxer Vincent runs into some difficulty when one of his Chicago bosses gets in trouble with the law.

Episode 4 - (Il)Legitimate
Vincent makes new enemies when he tries to buy out a neighboring casino and sheriff Lamb investigates the murder of a cleaning lady who was making trouble for her labor union.

Episode 5 - Solid Citizens
Vincent tries to convince his visiting wife to stay with him in Vegas the sheriff investigates the kidnapping of a gaming commission members son and a hitman for the Milwaukee crew comes to town searching for answers.

Episode 6 - The Real Thing
Both Vincent and sheriff Lamb are on the hunt for a man making counterfeit casino chips and Vincent throws his weight behind an unknown mayoral candidate after the mayor puts the squeeze on The Savoy.

Episode 7 - Bad Seeds

Episode 8 - Exposure

Episode 9 - Episode 1.9