Season 1 Episodes for The White Queen
Episode 1 - In Love with the King
After meeting beautiful widow Elizabeth Woodville, young King Edward IV must choose between love and loyalty. Will a country divided by war and a court divided by jealousy be destroyed by a woman many consider a witch

Episode 2 - The Price of Power
After Elizabeths coronation, an extravagant display designed to silence critics of their marriage, Edward needs a son to secure his reign. But tensions at court escalate into outright war and Edward must fight those closest to him to retain his crown. Elizabeth faces devastating loss as the full force of Warwicks hatred is revealed.

Episode 3 - The Storm
Desperate to further her sons claim to the throne, Margaret Beaufort joins Warwicks rebellion against Edward. The rebellion fails and the traitors must run for their lives. Jasper Tudor escapes into exile, while Warwick and George sail for France. Elizabeth and Jacquetta turn to witchcraft to stop them, but it is Isabel who is punished.

Episode 4 - The Bad Queen
Exiled in France, Warwick still plots to control the crown. His youngest daughter Anne is used to make an unexpected alliance, giving him command of a huge army. When Warwick lands in England, Edward must decide whether to fight or run. Terrified, Elizabeth escapes to sanctuary, not knowing if her husband is alive or dead. She gives birth to a longed for son, but is in fear for her life as Warwick enters London.

Episode 5 - War at First Hand
Lancaster is restored to the throne, with Warwick in control. But rumours that Edward is returning with an army unsettle the court. Anne and Margaret of Anjou sail from France, uncertain they will reach Warwick in time to win. Divided families face each other across the battlefield. Can Elizabeths witchcraft save her husband, or will Warwick triumph As many fall in the battle, everyones fortunes change forever.

Episode 6 - Love and Death
The crown is secure, but there is no peace at court. Elizabeth suffers more emotional turmoil as she loses those closest to her. Margaret Beaufort plans a political marriage to bring Henry home from exile but has she met her match in Lord Stanley Annes marriage made her a traitor, so she is handed into Georges care. His motives for keeping her away from court are questioned by Richard, who fears for Annes safety.

Episode 7 - Poison and Malmsey Wine
Georges anger at losing the Warwick inheritance and his failure to capture the crown resurfaces, with horrific consequences. As the court divides, George openly accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft and Edward of murder. This is treason, and Edward must condemn his own brother to death. Elizabeth finally has revenge on those who killed her father, but it does not bring her comfort.

Episode 8 - The King is Dead
After years of peace an untimely death once again engulfs Elizabeth in a fight for the throne. Trapped in sanctuary and threatened by those closest to her, Elizabeth is forced into an alliance with Margaret Beaufort. Suspicion and doubt poison the court, turning friends into enemies and family into murderers.

Episode 9 - The Princes in the Tower
The future of the princes in the Tower is in Richards hands they are a threat to his reign but also to Margarets hopes of seeing her son Henry Tudor on the throne. As Margaret plots the boys removal, Anne is tormented by fears she has unwittingly sealed the princes fate. Elizabeth, in sanctuary, is horrified to realise she has made a pact with her enemies and turns to witchcraft to punish the guilty.

Episode 10 - The Final Battle
Princess Elizabeths engagement to Henry Tudor threatens to divide court loyalties. Richard knows he can no longer avoid the battle which will decide his fate as king. Margaret does not know whose side her husband will support, and fears for her son. As the final battle for the crown draws near, Elizabeth continues to plot to put her daughter on the throne whatever the outcome.