Season 1 Episodes for Spartacus Blood and Sand
Episode 1 - Upon the Sands of Vengeance
Arkadios is a once proud Greek warrior enslaved by the Romans. Now he dreams of only one thing revenge. Hell cut the head from his captor, even if he has to chop a gory swath through an arena full of gladiators just to get there.

Episode 2 - Shadows of the Jackal
Between Spartacus and his freedom stands the gladiator Crixus, whose legend begins with his battle against the horrifying Gargan Twins. Feral, evil cannibals from birth, Decimus and Tiberius Gargan are finally captured and thrown in the arena, where they devour anything and anyone in their path. If Crixus cant stop them, theres no man alive who can

Episode 3 - The Beast of Carthage
Young, frail Barca cannot save his mother or his village from Roman marauders, and his father Mago bitterly disowns him. But that vengeful day eventually creates Barca, the Beast of Carthage, a towering man of muscle and hate. In Roman hands, Barca must survive the gladiators arena long enough to get the bloody satisfaction he craves.

Episode 4 - The Shadow of Death
No blade can kill him. No man can defeat him. Every gladiator fears him. He is Theokoles, the Shadow of Death, an unstoppable giant of pain and suffering. Learn the twisted origin of the deadliest opponent Spartacus will ever face