Season 1 Episodes for Free Agents
Episode 1 - Pilot
Newly-divorced Alex is missing his kids and trying to keep himself together. Alexs co-worker Helen thinks she has it together but she drinks too much in order to cope with her fiancs untimely death. Its no surprise then when these two overworked public relations executives share an ill-fated night of passion and are forced to cope with the awkward aftermath.

Episode 2 - What I Did for Work
When a big client shows signs of leaving Hale Dayton Alex is charged with taking him out for an evening of entertainment. But when Alex realizes hes still a bit rusty with women he calls in Dan and Gregg for assistance and things dont go exactly as planned. Meanwhile Emma has set her sights on Andrew who works upstairs in the building. With the help of Helen and Walter she tries to turn on the charm.

Episode 3 - Dr. Hu
When a client is amused by Emmas outspoken irreverence in a meeting Stephen decides she must help with the big campaign pitch presentation. As Emma immerses herself in the preparation commandeering the staff and the conference room Alex struggles to deal with the unpleasant development. Meanwhile Helen takes Alexs advice to visit his therapist the handsome Dr. Hu but she finds herself thinking she would rather date him than see him professionally.

Episode 4 - Rebranding
When longtime Hale Dayton client Fred Potter is caught in an extra-marital tryst the team sets to work on damage control. As Stephen and Helen mastermind the response for the client Dan Gregg and Emma help Helen in a rebranding campaign of another sort setting Alex up with a slick online profile and a cute new date.

Episode 5 - Nice Guys Finish at Some Point
When the Hale Dayton team hits the bars to do research for a new sherry campaign Alex is frustrated by Dans effortless success with women and decides he needs to adjust his approach. Meanwhile Helen decides she should try to get out more and starts socializing with Emma and her friends after work - but the late nights prove tough to take after a while.

Episode 6 - Are You There Helen Its Me God

Episode 7 - The Kids Are Probably Alright

Episode 8 - Sexin the Raisin