Season 1 Episodes for Fraggle Rock
Episode 1 - Beginnings
Gobos Uncle Matt discovers the opening to Outer Space and sets off to explore it, leaving Gobo behind to explore Fraggle Rock and pick up the postcards Matt will send.

Episode 2 - Wembley And The Gorgs
Wembley agrees with everyone, including the Gorgs, who decide he makes a great loyal subject.

Episode 3 - Let The Water Run
Reds Swimming Extravaganza is canceled when the Pool goes dry and theres no water to fill it.

Episode 4 - You Cant Do That Without A Hat
Boober is really brave until he loses his lucky hat.

Episode 5 - The Thirty Minute Work Week
Wembley has to decide what job he wants to do.

Episode 6 - The Preachification Of Convincing John
Mokey decides that eating Doozer constructions hurts their feelings, so she gets Convincing John to help her get the Fraggles to stop.

Episode 7 - I Want To Be You
Everyone loves Mokey, so Red decides to be just like her.

Episode 8 - The Terrible Tunnel
Wembley accidentally finds the legendary Terrible Tunnel.

Episode 9 - The Lost Treasure Of The Fraggles
Gobo and Red find a map that leads to the Ancient Treasure of the Fraggles.

Episode 10 - Dont Cry Over Spilt Milk
Gobo gets trapped in Outer Space when Doc boards up the hole in the wall.

Episode 11 - Catch the Tail by the Tiger
Its been two weeks since Traveling Matts last postcard, so Gobo decides to go into Outer Space to look for him.

Episode 12 - The Finger Of Light
Mokey wins Ruler of the Rock Day, but she has a lot of trouble being in charge.

Episode 13 - We Love You, Wembley
Everybody wants Wembley to do something for them, except a Fraggle named Lou, who likes Wembley just for who he is.

Episode 14 - The Challenge
Red challenges Gobos leadership.

Episode 15 - I Dont Care
Boober is sick of everyone not respecting his feelings.

Episode 16 - Capture The Moon
Gobo is the Moon Greeter for this months Festival of the Fraggle Moon, when Junior Gorg steals the Moon

Episode 17 - Marooned
Boobers birthday is interrupted by a disaster (and didnt he just know this was going to happen).

Episode 18 - The Minstrels
The Fraggles meet the band of traveling musicians known as The Minstrels, led by the mysterious and wise Cantus. Everyone must find their own song, but Red is having a lot of trouble with hers.

Episode 19 - The Great Radish Famine
The Trash Heap decides to teach the Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs a lesson by magically making all the radishes in the Gorgs garden disappear.

Episode 20 - The Garden Plot
Fraggle Rock is under attack from two sides when Sprocket tries to smash his way in, and Junior Gorg tries to pulverize it.

Episode 21 - Gobos Discovery
Gobo thinks hes lost his nerve and decides not to be an explorer anymore.

Episode 22 - Mokeys Funeral
Nobody thinks Mokey is good at practical things, so she tries to deal with Junior Gorgs Fraggle trap on her own.

Episode 23 - The Beast Of Bluerock
Wembley must choose between entering Reds splash a thon and accompanying Gobo on a scary journey.

Episode 24 - New Trash Heap In Town
Through a misunderstanding, Mokey becomes the new Trash Heap.