Season 1 Episodes for Fast Money
Episode 1 - Model A Madness
A 1931 hot rod becomes a project in the debut of a series in which vintage automobiles are restored and customized.

Episode 2 - Awesome Aussies and Olds
Richard and Aaron find a 55 Chevy Bel Air and a 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe Rocket 88 which had been well kept in a garage for over 50 years Richard and Aaron have 48 hours to fix up a broken down 73 Caddy for two Aussies.

Episode 3 - Monkey Business Dragster
Richard and Aaron stumble upon a diamond in the rough a 1960s Gasser that Richard wants to race. They buy a gleaming 32 Pontiac at a swap meet. And is a friends 1960 Cadillac Sedan De Ville haunted and cursing the garage

Episode 4 - Double Trouble Galaxie
With an auction coming up, Richard and Aaron go looking for a 1964 Galaxie, but when the one they find needs extensive repairs, they scramble to find another one the guys must think of a creative way to free a stuck 1949 F1 Ford.

Episode 5 - Low Riding Lincoln
A 70 Lincoln Continental Mark III is turned into a muscle car a 68 Ford pickup is restored.

Episode 6 - Frankensteined Ford
A 77 Trans Am and a 67 Cadillac are featured. Also Two unlikely vehicles are merged together.

Episode 7 - Amazing Impala
Its sweltering in Dallas, both inside the Gas Monkey Garage and out. Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and master mechanic Aaron Kaufman take a road trip to pick up a 1964 Impala buried in at least ten years of dirt and debris. The Gas Monkey crew and upholstery wiz Sue give this iconic car new life just in time to show it to a discerning customer Aarons stepdad, who owned one back in the day.

Episode 8 - Ramshackle Rambler
Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and ace mechanic Aaron Kaufman head to Amarillo to pick up a 59 Rambler, but when they get there they discover its covered in rust and filled with rat droppings. It will need to be rebuilt from the ground up to make it SoCal surf worthy once again. Richard haggles for a 31 Model A Roadster for a quick flip. And Richards friend Thomas picks up a Willis Coupe (aka WIllys Gasser) on Gas Monkeys behalf. Its rare and valuable in its own right, but could sell for 200,000 if Richard can prove its connection to a legendary drag racing team.

Episode 9 - 48 Chevy Fleetmaster
Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and his crew, including top mechanic Aaron Kaufman, try toknock the ugly out of a 48 Chevy Fleetmaster. Richard relives a little Corvette Summer when he buys a 1974 Corvette for a quick flip. He also picks up a 63 Caddy similar to the one Al Pacino drove in Scarface. Apohlsterer Sue does her magic, but will it be enough to make the car sellable at an auction with a very tough crowd

Episode 10 - One of a Kind Woodill
A Woodill Wildfire is featured.

Episode 11 - Fast & Furious Fairmont
Richard stretches Gas Monkeys style and Aarons skills by making an ugly 1978 Ford Fairmont into a cool, mirrored drift car. Richard flips a rare 1967 Corvette Stingrays complete with tank sticker and bets his driving skills to sell the shop truck.

Episode 12 - Holy Grail Hot Rod
A rare 32 Ford, a 64 Econoline van and an 89 Shelby pickup are featured.