Season 10 Episodes for The Colbert Report
Episode 1 - Vince Gilligan
Congress shuts down the government, Butterball appeases male cooks, and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan discusses the final season.

Episode 2 - Daniel Radcliffe
The government shuts down, Americans flood the Affordable Care Act website, anti Obamacare groups target youth, and Daniel Radcliffe describes his film, Kill Your Darlings.

Episode 3 - Chris Matthews
Barack Obama meets with congressional leaders about the government slim down, Bill OReilly talks divine inspiration, and Chris Matthews compares Obama and Reagan.

Episode 4 - David Finkel
Congressional leaders fail to compromise on the government shutdown, Stephen officiates a wedding, and David Finkel examines post war trauma in Thank You for Your Service.

Episode 5 - James Spithill
Republicans hold Obama responsible for the government shutdown, Emily Bazelon reviews McCutcheon v. F.E.C., and James Spithill shares some history of the Americas Cup.

Episode 6 - Paul Giamatti
The debt ceiling looms, Eric Holder permits pro pot laws, and Paul Giamatti talks Parkland.

Episode 7 - Tom Hanks
Truckers organize Ride for the Constitution, and Tom Hanks talks about Somali pirates.

Episode 8 - Reed Albergotti & Vanessa OConnell
Hanksy dolls up Stephens studio, and Reed Albergotti and Vanessa OConnell discuss Lance Armstrong.

Episode 9 - The Reflektors
The government reopens, New Jersey allows gay marriage, and The Reflektors (a.k.a. Arcade Fire) perform Normal People.

Episode 10 - A. Scott Berg
Stephen weighs in on lions and tigers, KFC invents the Go Cup and A. Scott Berg discusses his book, Wilson.

Episode 11 - Gwen Ifill & Judy Woodruff
Stephen enrolls in Obamacare, and Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill discuss fact based reporting.

Episode 12 - Stephen Fry
Girly hats could emasculate the Marines, and Stephen Fry discusses his role in Twelfth Night.

Episode 13 - Orlando Bloom
Stuffed animals go sightseeing, and Orlando Bloom discusses his Broadway turn in Romeo and Juliet.

Episode 14 - Billy Collins
Americans resort to harvesting their bodies, and Billy Collins talks about his book, Aimless Love.

Episode 15 - Jack Andraka
Shepard Smith battles digital addiction, and Jack Andraka shares his passion for science.

Episode 16 - Zach Sims
The NSA spying scandal reaches the Vatican, and Codecademys Zach Sims talks computer programming.

Episode 17 - David Folkenflik
Corporations find religion, and author David Folkenflik discusses Murdochs World.

Episode 18 - Julius Erving
A bong shaped mascot upsets a Canadian town, and Julius Erving discusses Dr. J The Autobiography.

Episode 19 - Brian Lehrer
Toys R Us mocks nature, and the host of The Brian Lehrer Show discusses New York City politics.

Episode 20 - Daniel Lieberman
The Senate cracks down on sexual discrimination in the workplace, Stephen is nominated for a Peoples Choice Award, and author Daniel Lieberman discusses The Story of the Human Body.

Episode 21 - Peter Baker
60 Minutes anchor Lara Logan apologizes for her flawed Benghazi story, and Days of Fire author Peter Baker discusses George W. Bushs rocky relationship with Dick Cheney.

Episode 22 - David Christian glitches lead to low enrollment, France rejects a nuke deal with Iran, a luxury hotel offers poverty themed vacations, and David Christian talks Big History.

Episode 23 - Blind Boys of Alabama
Human Rights groups protest U.S. drone attacks, Richard Cohen faces backlash over race comments, and the Blind Boys of Alabama perform a song from Ill Find a Way.

Episode 24 - Alexis Ohanian
Stephen calls for aid to the Philippines, The Today Show airs live prostate exams, and Alexis Ohanian discusses online democracy and his book, Without Their Permission.

Episode 25 - Steve McQueen
The Colbert Nation helps the Philippines, conservatives gloat over Obamacare, Chip Wilson defends his yoga pants, and Steve McQueen talks 12 Years a Slave.

Episode 26 - Rick Santorum
Wal Mart hosts a food drive for its own employees, Robert Reich argues for better income equality, and Rick Santorum discusses his movie, The Christmas Candle.

Episode 27 - M.I.A.
Congressman Trey Radel pleads guilty to cocaine possession, Russia cracks down on gay propaganda, and guest M.I.A. performs a song from her album Matangi.

Episode 28 - J.J. Abrams
Senate Democrats go nuclear, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin blocks same sex benefits, Stephen invites himself to Thanksgiving dinner, and J.J. Abrams discusses his novel, S.

Episode 29 - Daniel Goleman relaunches, turkeys compete for Obamas pardon, Amazon embraces drones, a Christmas tree saves Christmas, and Daniel Goleman discusses his book, Focus.

Episode 30 - Ed Stone
The pope might lead a secret life, the FDA targets trans fat, the McRib is scrutinized, a tech firm invents an office robot, and Ed Stone discusses the Voyager missions.

Episode 31 - Bryan Stevenson
Congresss productivity hits a record low, the rich get a floating tax shelter, Common Core threatens cursive, and Bryan Stevenson argues for an equitable justice system.

Episode 32 - Alan Mulally
Stephen weighs flight against invisibility, Colorado legalizes pot, the GOP learns how to talk to women, and Alan Mulally discusses the Ford Mustangs 50 year legacy.

Episode 33 - David Keith
Stephen honors Mandela, Bill OReilly & John Stossel discourage giving, America Again vies for a Grammy, and author David Keith discusses A Case For Climate Engineering .

Episode 34 - Alex Blumberg
Walmart becomes an elite institution, Virginia Postrel examines the value of television, Venezuela starts Christmas early, and Alex Blumberg discusses The T Shirt Project.

Episode 35 - Elizabeth Gilbert
Festivus comes to the Florida Capitol, Obamas handshake causes outrage, Mike Huckabee fights Obamacare with music, and Elizabeth Gilbert talks The Signature of All Things .

Episode 36 - George Packer
Congress agrees on a budget, a sleeping aid has terrifying side effects, Megyn Kelly argues that Santa is white, and author George Packer discusses The Unwinding.

Episode 37 - Jonah Peretti
Google buys a robotics company, the NSA infiltrates online games, Stephen and Billy Crystal compete for a Grammy, and Jonah Peretti discusses BuzzFeeds journalism initiative.

Episode 38 - Garry Trudeau
Edward Snowden seeks political asylum in Brazil, China embraces pollution, Ted Cruz gets his own coloring book, and Garry Trudeau discusses his show, Alpha House.

Episode 39 - Keanu Reeves
Customer satisfaction is worthless, Germany joins the debate over Santas ethnicity, Keanu Reeves talks 47 Ronin, and Aaron Neville performs with members of MusiCorps. Christmas Carol Aaron Neville and MusicCorps.

Episode 40 - Ben Stiller
Jamie Dimon flaunts his wealth with a decadent Christmas card, A&E suspends Phil Robertson for anti gay remarks, and Ben Stiller talks The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Christmas Carol The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Episode 41 - Ken Roth
America endures a polar vortex, the FDA targets antibiotics in livestock, recreational weed goes on sale in Colorado, and Ken Roth discusses Human Rights Watch.

Episode 42 - John Seigenthaler
Donald Trump takes on global warming, Pope Francis criticizes wealth disparity, scientists look for time travelers online, and John Seigenthaler discusses Al Jazeera America.

Episode 43 - Ishmael Beah
Scandal engulfs Chris Christie, the media explains the concept of cold weather, and Ishmael Beah talks being a child soldier and his book, Radiance of Tomorrow.

Episode 44 - Jeff Skoll
Chris Christies bridge scandal deepens, Robert Gatess Duty has harsh words for Obama, and Jeff Skoll discusses his film company, Participant Media.

Episode 45 - David Fanning
A chemical spill threatens West Virginias water supply, Obamas Iraq policy comes under fire, a company provides retroactive advertising, and David Fanning talks Frontline.

Episode 46 - Deborah Solomon
A Rod is suspended for drug use, Pat Buchanan supports Russias anti gay laws, Billie Jean King is a U.S. Olympic delegate, and Deborah Solomon talks American Mirror.

Episode 47 - Gabriel Sherman
America gets its own commercial, college athletes struggle with literacy, a sex scandal rocks France, and Gabriel Sherman talks The Loudest Voice in the Room.

Episode 48 - Naquasia LeGrand
The NSA infects personal computers, a jewelry company sells diamond pacifiers, Carol Burnett gets sarcastic, and Naquasia LeGrand talks Fast Food Forward.

Episode 49 - Scott Stossel
Peyton Manning chants for Omaha, a drug shortage threatens the death penalty, Pope Francis encourages breastfeeding in church, and Scott Stossel talks My Age of Anxiety.

Episode 50 - Michael Chabon & Mariel Hemingway
cOlberts Book Club begins with a primer on Ernest Hemingway, Michael Chabon talks A Farewell to Arms, and Mariel Hemingway discusses her grandfathers romantic side.

Episode 51 - Charles Duhigg
NASA discovers a Martian doughnut, U.S. nuclear officers cheat on proficiency tests, the Westminster Dog Show allows mutts, and Charles Duhigg talks The Power of Habit.

Episode 52 - Patricia Churchland
Riots break out in the Ukraine, Tim Wu weighs in on net neutrality, China bootlegs The Report, and Patricia Churchland discusses Touching a Nerve.

Episode 53 - Nate Silver
The NFL prohibits mention of the Super Bowl, Richard Sherman unleashes a post game rant, the Grammys embrace gay marriage, and FiveThirtyEights Nate Silver discusses sports.

Episode 54 - Justin Tuck
The NFL cracks down on extra points, Stephen trains to be a quarterback, spotted owls fight for survival, and Justin Tuck describes the thrill of football.

Episode 55 - Cris Carter
Stephen trains for Super Bowl greatness, the Puppy Bowl gets a new player, Joe Biden distracts at the State of the Union, and Cris Carter discusses football and Going Deep.

Episode 56 - Drew Brees
The NFL rethinks their marijuana policy, football might cause brain damage, the mayors of Denver and Seattle root for their home team, and Drew Brees talks Playoff Face Off.

Episode 57 - Jennifer Senior
Coca Colas Super Bowl ad sparks outrage, cheerleaders sue the Oakland Raiders, J.K. Rowling regrets pairing Hermione and Ron, and Jennifer Senior talks All Joy and No Fun.

Episode 58 - Pussy Riot
Black History Month coincides with Childrens Dental Health Month, Chris Christies bridge scandal worsens, and Pussy Riot discusses human rights and the Putin regime.

Episode 59 - Lake Street Dive
Critics argue that Obamacare will destroy jobs, Mort Zuckerman weighs in on Tom Perkins Nazi analogy, and Lake Street Dive performs a song from Bad Self Portraits.

Episode 60 - Paul Krugman
Obama faces pressure to approve the Keystone Pipeline, Olympic journalists share Sochi horror stories, TSA agents gawk at body scan images, and Paul Krugman talks Obamacare.

Episode 61 - Patrick Kennedy
The Sochi Olympics open with a technical glitch, Buddy Cole investigates Russias anti gay laws, the Taliban captures a spy dog, and Patrick Kennedy discusses Project SAM.

Episode 62 - Charlie Crist
Stephen launches a fundraiser for the U.S. speedskating team, Buddy Cole helps athletes appear straight, Michael Sam comes out, and Charlie Crist discusses The Partys Over.

Episode 63 - Godfrey Reggio
Stephen attends the White House State Dinner, Bill OReilly gloats over his Obama interview, Shepard Smith recites the White House menu, and Godfrey Reggio talks Visitors.

Episode 64 - Brian Greene
Stephen welcomes Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show, Piers Morgan offends the trans community, Janet Mock explores gender identity, and Brian Greene discusses World Science U.

Episode 65 - Alexander Payne
U.S. ice dancers nab a gold medal, Buddy Cole investigates gay propaganda in Sochi, Al Qaeda members accidentally kill themselves, and Alexander Payne talks Nebraska.

Episode 66 - Stanley McChrystal
Bill OReilly accuses Stephen of mockery, Bode Miller discusses his Olympic win, Buddy Cole goes undercover in Sochi, and Stanley McChrystal talks My Share of the Task.

Episode 67 - Darlene Love
A Dutch Olympics coach slams the U.S. speedskating team, protesters oust the Ukrainian president, and Darlene Love talks 20 Feet From Stardom.

Episode 68 - St. Vincent
Huffington Post asks parents if their kid is Hitler, critics fume over military budget cuts, a lobby fights for paper, and St. Vincent performs Digital Witness.

Episode 69 - Meryl Davis & Charlie White
Michelle Obama tackles child obesity, a Gumby thief terrorizes a small town, critics target Hillary Clintons age, and Meryl Davis & Charlie White bask in Olympic glory.

Episode 70 - Jeff Goldblum
Jan Brewer vetoes anti gay legislation, a study suggests that race is subjective, the KKK embraces sci fi technology, and Jeff Goldblum discusses The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Episode 71 - Caitlin Flanagan
Slavery makes history at the Oscars, an anti Obamacare ad spreads falsehoods, Barbie poses for Sports Illustrated, and Caitlin Flanagan talks The Dark Power of Fraternities.

Episode 72 - Jaron Lanier
Stephen gives a primer on Crimea, Republicans blame Obama for the Ukraine crisis, Steve King defends Arizonas anti gay bill, and Jaron Lanier talks Who Owns the Future

Episode 73 - Beau Willimon
Bill OReilly cites the downside of woman presidents, Chevron delivers pizza, Headline News targets the social media generation, and Beau Willimon talks House of Cards.

Episode 74 - Theaster Gates
Massachusetts allows upskirt photography, teens pursue the thigh gap, Warner Music holds Happy Birthday hostage, and Theaster Gates uses art to revitalize urban spaces.

Episode 75 - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Atheists protest a cross displayed at the 9 11 memorial, a Kentucky church group hosts a gun giveaway, and Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses his Fox series, Cosmos.

Episode 76 - Ronan Farrow
The pope gets his own magazine, the Huffington Post investigates anal sex, the government sues Sprint over wiretapping fees, and Ronan Farrow discusses Ronan Farrow Daily.

Episode 77 - Maria Shriver
Obama appears on Between Two Ferns, Liz Wahl discusses her resignation from Russia Today, the NSA hires an advice columnist, and Maria Shriver talks Paycheck to Paycheck.

Episode 78 - Simon Schama
Recreational marijuana sales skyrocket in Colorado, Obama expands overtime pay for millions of Americans, and Simon Schama talks The Story of the Jews.

Episode 79 - Bryan Cranston

Episode 80 - Jimmy Carter

Episode 81 - Errol Morris

Episode 82 - Darren Aronofsky

Episode 83 - TBA

Episode 84 - TBA

Episode 85 - TBA

Episode 86 - TBA