Specials for Thunderbirds
Episode 1 - Thunderbirds Are Go
The manned exploration mission taking place aboard Zero X comes to a halt when the plane crashes during liftoff. Two years later a committee deduces that sabotage was the reason for this and calls upon International Rescue to oversee their next launch of Zero X. It reaches its destination, but it also encounters unexpected hazards, forcing the committee to call upon IR again. Can the Thunderbirds get to the bottom of this

Episode 2 - Thunderbird 6
Jeff Tracy kicks Brains pretty close to the edge by demanding a new Thunderbird, Thunderbird 6. He repeatedly rejects each of Brains designs, but at least he gets further with an airline company by designing Skyship One, a revolutionary new aircraft. Lady Penelope and the rest of IR are honored guests at the ships maiden voyage, but trouble soon arises when sinister forces put their plan into action. Will Jeff only be left with Thunderbird 6 (if he ever gets one)

Episode 3 - The Beginning

Episode 4 - The Machines

Episode 5 - The Tracy Family

Episode 6 - Lady Penelope and Parker

Episode 7 - The Making of the Thunderbirds

Episode 8 - The Secrets

Episode 9 - Commercial from LyonsMaid

Episode 10 - Commercial from Kellogs

Episode 11 - The Brains Behind
The Brains Behind Thunderbirds is an ideal overview of the shows premiseboth for the generations of kids growing up ready to embrace it, and for the generations who have already grown up, but would welcome a reminder. From a secret laboratory somewhere on Tracy Island, stuttering science genius Brains is your host. In the course of the hourlong documentary, the viewer is introduced to each of International Rescues gadgettastic vehicles. Theres the 15,000 mph Thunderbird 1 rocket piloted by Scott Tracy the freightcarrying Thunderbird 2 with its six different rescue machine pods piloted by brother Virgil the space rocket Thunderbird 3 with Alan Tracy at the helm subaquatic Thunderbird 4 with Gordon Tracy aboard and the orbiting space station Thunderbird 5 overseen by a rather solitary John Tracy. Brains then introduces us properly to each of the brothers, their father Jeff, gorgeous London agent Lady Penelope and her butler Parker, and even warns us about their deadly enemy, The Hood. Lots of clips illustrate the vehicles capabilities and characters personalities. Although theres little on offer not already known to diehard fans, its an ideal nostringsattached crash course introduction for everyone else.

Episode 12 - The Characters