Sean and Beverly can't wait to bring their successful British television series across the pond to make it big in America.

Available on networks: BBC One, FXNetworks, HBO, Showtime

Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA,UK
First Run: 2011-01-10
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1019
Total Visits: 2247
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Cast & Characters
   Matt LeBlanc - Matt LeBlanc
   Tamsin Greig - Beverly Lincoln
   Stephen Mangan - Sean Lincoln
   John Pankow - Merc Lapidus
   Kathleen Rose Perkins - Carol Rance
   Mircea Monroe - Morning Randolph
   Daisy Haggard - Myra Licht
   Joseph May - Andy Button
   Genevieve OReilly - Jamie Lapidus
   Demetri Goritsas - Director
   Jacob Anderson - Kevin
   Trevor White - Assistant Director
   Harry McEntire - Jason
   Sam Palladio - Stoke
   Scarlett Rose Patterson - Wendy
   Bruce Johnson - Roger
   Sophie Rundle - Labia
   Martin McDougall - Assistant Director
   James Purefoy - Rob
   Oliver Kieran-Jones - Andrew Lesley
   Fiona Glascott - Diane
   Laurie Calvert - Carols Assistant
   Edward Lemont - Production Assistant
   Eros Vlahos - Pucks Boy
   Lou Hirsch - Wallace
   Alejandro Postigo - Ernesto
   Anna Maria Everett - Florinda
   Rhashan Stone - Howard
   Michael Brandon - Elliot Salad
   Katherine Ryan - Mercs Assistant
   Nigel Planer - Sanford Shamiro

Review: Episodes

In this TV series, Matt Le Blanc plays himself, concealing of course a few things concerning his privacy, such as family, family events, housing and so on. All we know is that he's looking for a new role that people always identify him with Joey (in an episode he will even use Joey's well known line 'How you doin'), and that he's divorced with two children (in reality, he has just one kid).

Other main actors in the series, the ones you'll see most often, are Sean and Beverly Lincoln which play the roles of creators of a successful British series and who are asked to go to Los Angeles in order to sell their script for TV to a company. The two disagree on whether to give the leading role to Matt, but it turns out that they have no choice, and moreover, they'll have to make many other compromises. In each episode,  we will see how things are going in shooting that show, how Matt becomes increasingly close to Sean, and we will have fun assisting the irony exchange between Beverly and Matt.

This is one unpredictable series, with an impossible to guess outcome and with a singular and unique story. It is a series that brings Hollywood and British humor together. The actors do a good job and make this more than a mere comedy series starring one of the Friends series stars. You can see that this is the work of David Crane.


Episodes is a fresh series, more different from what I've seen so far on TV. I recommend you to watch at least one episode, especially if you are fans of the Friends series and if you miss Matt.

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