A drama about an illegal cross country road race.

Available on networks: FOX

Categories: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2007-04-15
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 608
Total Visits: 1588
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Kristin Lehman - Corinna Wiles
   Emma Stone - Violet Trimble
   Rochelle Aytes - Leigh Barnthouse
   Taryn Manning - Ivy Chitty
   Melanie Lynskey - Wendy Patrakas
   Nathan Fillion - Alex Tully
   Mircea Monroe - Ellie Laird
   Riley Smith - Rob Laird
   Kevin Alejandro - Winston Salazar
   JD Pardo - Sean Salazar
   Dylan Baker - John Trimble
   Brian Bloom - Allan James
   Charles Martin Smith - Mr. Bright
   Cindy Williams - House Mother
   Richard Brooks - Detective Ehrle
   Michael Hyatt - Susan Chamblee
   Amy Acker - Kathryn Tully
   Tony Besson - Johnny Freely
   Dariush Kashani - Dr. Roth
   Patrick Fischler - Brad
   Wayne Grace - Jimmy
   Tom Ohmer - Highway Patrolman
   Kevin Symons - Deacon
   Peggy Dunne - Female Officer
   Joseph Limbaugh - Another Officer
   K Callan - Ceal Cousins
   David Haverty - Racer

Review: Drive

Drive may not be all that original, but is sure delivers plenty adrenaline. It's a run for your life kind of series that follows the adventures of participants in an illegal race cross America, a race that takes place every year but few people know about it. There are few rules to this race so many participants donít end up well, but the winner takes home more than a couple million bucks, so that makes it worth the risk.

There are numerous participants in this race so you can expect lots of twists from this mini series. One of the racers and center of the series is Alex. He is forced to participate in this race after his wife is kidnapped in an attempt to make him try win the illegal race cross America. Wendy Parks is also forced into this race as her young child is kidnapped for the same reasons. Winston is also a participant; he is the son of a politician and he just got out from prison. He is also forced into this race.

Besides these key participants and central characters, we are introduced† to Corinna Wiles that joins Alex as she doesnít have a ticket into this competition and Sean Salazar which is Winston's half brother that joins his brother in this race after finding about the existence of a half brother and that he was lied for so long by his father.


Although many elements are borrowed from Fast and Furious and other movies, Drive is still more than a race for money series. Drive is about a death race in which most participants are manipulated by the organizers and are pushed to extremes to test their limits.

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