In a laboratory where people are given different tasks. When finished they have their memories wiped.

Available on networks: Cuatro, FOX, FOX8, RTL Klub, SyFy, NETFLIX

Categories: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2009-02-14
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 849
Total Visits: 1856
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Eliza Dushku - Echo
   Harry Lennix - Boyd Langton
   Fran Kranz - Topher Brink
   Tahmoh Penikett - Paul Ballard
   Enver Gjokaj - Victor
   Dichen Lachman - Sierra
   Olivia Williams - Adelle DeWitt
   Miracle Laurie - Mellie
   Amy Acker - Dr. Claire Saunders
   Reed Diamond - Laurence Dominic
   Liza Lapira - Ivy
   Patrizia Barretto - Dollhouse Staff
   Issac Wolf - Dollhouse Staff
   Aisha Hinds - Loomis
   Alexis Denisof - Senator Daniel Perrin
   Summer Glau - Bennett Halverson
   Alan Tudyk - Alpha
   Stacey Scowley - Cindy Perrin
   Philip Casnoff - Clive Ambrose
   Brett Claywell - Matt Cargill
   Vincent Ventresca - Nolan Kinnard
   Keith Carradine - Matthew Harding
   Mark Sheppard - Tanaka
   Natalie Graziano - Art Attendant
   Maurissa Tancharoen - Kilo
   Erin Cummings - Attendant
   Felicia Day - Mag
   Nelson Franklin - Burt Styne
   Ashley Johnson - Caroline
   Kevin Kilner - Joe Hearn
   Adair Tishler - Caroline Farrell
   Patton Oswalt - Joel Mynor
   Angel Desai - Sophie Alvarez
   Zack Ward - Zone
   Clayton Rohner - Dollhouse Client
   Greg Collins - Molester
   Rico E. Anderson - Agent
   Paul Ganus - Handler
   Haley Pullos - Davina Crestejo
   Sean Solan - Soldier
   Damion Poitier - Yankee
   Marie Joelyn - Club Patron

Review: Dollhouse

The main character of 'Dollhouse' is a woman named Echo, a code name for a doll who is drained of all her memories and works as an agent for a corporation that is implanting different personalities on her, depending on the mission they have. The 'dolls' outside the missions are like children who don't have any senses and instincts, except the primary ones, namely feeding and sleeping.

All we know about Echo are some concise details out of which we find that she somewhat willingly chose this profession, bits of her life before Doll House being revealed along the episodes. The missions are quite varied, ranging from luxury escorts to specialists in various issues such as thefts, negotiations and so on, that 'Actives' flawlessly execute. In the idle periods between these missions, actives are reduced to a state of ‘luxury pets’, spending time swarming without aim.

The show is mainly focused on the famous Dollhouse employees and on two more Actives besides of Echo, Sierra and Victor, who instinctively form a trio even when in ‘tabula rasa’ state. Although they have volunteered for what they do, the operations are illegal, which means they are utmost secretly handled behind closed doors. There is an FBI detective who despite the laughter generated in the working environment, believes by in the existence of Dollhouse and tries to expose the perpetrators who hide behind the business.


Echo, played by Eliza Dushku, is the main character of the series, and one of the best Actives in the company. Echo is her boss's favorite, proving that she has qualities and skills beyond the artificially implanted ones. As one episode follows the other, we find her to be an Active that gradually acquires certain self-consciousness even when 'sleeping' while her brain is ‘blanked out’ of any memory.

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