This series is set in the not to distant future where aliens race called Voltans have arrived on Earth after there planet was destroyed.

Available on networks: SyFy

Categories: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Countries: USA
First Run: 2013-04-16
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 518
Total Visits: 2024
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Grant Bowler - Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan
   Julie Benz - Mayor Amanda Rosewater
   Stephanie Leonidas - Irisa
   Tony Curran - Datak Tarr
   Jaime Murray - Stahma Tarr
   Graham Greene - Rafe McCawley
   Mia Kirshner - Kenya
   Dewshane Williams - Tommy
   Jesse Rath - Alak Tarr
   Nicole Muħoz - Christie McCawley
   Trenna Keating - Doc Yewll
   Justin Rain - Quentin McCawley
   Jessica Nichols - Jered
   Kevin Shand - Raiga
   Brittany Allen - Tirra
   Noah Danby - Sukar
   Carl Bauer - Rupert
   Perry Mucci - Ozin
   Fionnula Flanagan - Nicky
   Kaniehtiio Horn - Rynn
   Rob Archer - BioMan
   Ilena Wolfe - Ket Grisu
   Jane McLean - Olfin Tennety
   Dion Johnstone - Nizar
   Ishan Morris - Rathus
   Marianthi Evans - Gail
   Peter MacNeill - Clancy
   Kyle Mac - Kupack Tarr
   Douglas Nyback - Ben
   Robert Clarke - Elah Bandik
   Steven McCarthy - Mr. Birch
   Marie V. Cruz - Female Irathient Elder
   Darryl Flatman - E-Rep Guard
   Anna Hardwick - Young Grace McClintock
   Jamie Ingrassia - Elah Bandiks Daughter
   Timmy Ingrassia - Elah Bandiks Son
   Jane Sowerby - Mrs. Kurr
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