Dead Like Me

Georgia Lass from Seattle, is a college dropout who's unhappy with her life.

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Categories: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Countries: Canada,USA
First Run: 2003-06-27
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 818
Total Visits: 2101
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Ellen Muth - Georgia George Lass
   Callum Blue - Mason
   Jasmine Guy - Roxy Harvey
   Mandy Patinkin - Rube Sofer
   Cynthia Stevenson - Joy Lass
   Britt McKillip - Reggie Lass
   Christine Willes - Delores Herbig
   Laura Harris - Daisy Adair
   Crystal Dahl - Crystal
   Greg Kean - Clancy Lass
   Patricia Idlette - Kiffany
   Talia Ranger - Young George
   Laura Boddington - Un George
   Rebecca Gayheart - Betty Rhomer
   Meghan Black - Misty
   Patti Allan - Claire
   Teryl Rothery - Linda the Realtor
   Spencer Achtymichuk - Charlie
   Deanne Henry - Casey
   Eric McCormack - Ray Summers
   Brett Kelly - Francis Bischetti
   Julia Arkos - Mrs. Ricket
   Robin Dunne - Thomas Trip Hesberg III
   John Kapelos - Angus Cook
   Peter Williams - Angelo
   Tom McBeath - Father Mathias
   Yeardley Smith - Penny
   Barbara Barrie - Phyllis
   Peter Kelamis - Morgue Attendant
   Daniel Bacon - Michael
   Tegan Moss - Fiona
   Enid-Raye Adams - Gayle
   Raugi Yu - Cheery Co-Worker
   James Ashcroft - Phil
   Dana Pemberton - Frank the Cop
   Reg Tupper - Jed
   Colin Banner - Clergyman
   Manoj Sood - Mr. Akhtar
   Jake D. Smith - Face-slapping Kid

Review: Dead Like Me

In Dead Like Me, Ellen Muth plays the role of Georgia 'George' Lass, a teenager who struggles to reconcile with the afterlife. Very soon she realizes that there are as many problems in the afterlife as there are in ordinary life.

Her friends Callum Blue as 'Mason', Jasmine Guy as 'Roxy', Laura Harris as 'Daisy', and Mandy Patinkin playing 'Rube', all live the same adventures as George as they try to collect the souls of people in their last moments of life.

Once George dies, right in the first episode of the series, she is enrolled in a team of so called"Grim Reapers". The Grim Reapers are responsible with transiting the soul from the world we live in to different existential plane. George basically receives a new body and a new "job", although she is not being paid for it. Exactly as she'd been in real life, George is now dissatisfied and generally indifferent in this new plane of existence. Even in this afterlife George has to get a job so she can earn the much needed money for 'living'. George is thus forced to return to her old job at least for the time being. Together with her friends Roxy, Betty and Mason, as well as Rube, her boss, George discovers that there is still life in the after-life.

Dead Like Me follows the daily lives and the adventures of this team of Grim Reapers. The series also follows the life of George's family, as they are living in the aftermath of her death. Dead Like Me is arguably underrated, and I think more people should give it a try. It is a surprising TV series that should've continued in my opinion. In any event, if you want to watch an interesting series you can choose this one with confidence. I am sure it will surprise you.


Dead Like Me offers an entertaining ride to the afterlife, with plenty smart lines, lots of action and an interesting, though weird, story.

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