Day Break

Brett Hopper is accused of shooting state attorney Alberto Garza. He offer's a solid alibi. He then realizes that hes been framed and does a runner. When he wakes up he finds the day starts all over again.

Available on networks: ABC, AXN, RTL Klub, SyFy, Hulu Plus

Categories: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2006-11-16
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1164
Total Visits: 2593
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Taye Diggs - Detective Brett Hopper
   Moon Bloodgood - Rita Shelten
   Victoria Pratt - Andrea Battle
   Meta Golding - Jennifer Mathis
   Ramon Rodriguez - Damien Ortiz
   Adam Baldwin - Chad Shelten
   Michael McGrady - Buchalter
   Joe Nieves - Fencik
   Mitch Pileggi - Detective Spivak
   Ian Anthony Dale - Detective Christopher Choi
   Jonathan Banks - Shadow Man
   Josh Daugherty - Preisser
   John Rubinstein - Barry Colburn
   John Getz - Judge Tobias Booth
   Bahar Soomekh - Margo
   Kwesi Boakye - James Mathis
   LaNiesha Irvin - Whitney Mathis
   Jim Beaver - Uncle Nick Vukovic
   Clayton Rohner - Surfer Dude
   Eddie J. Fernandez - Esteban
   Michael B. Silver - Baxter
   Don Franklin - Randall Mathis
   Kamal Marayati - Mr. Zeitoun
   Chanet Johnson - Neesha
   Steven Barr - Hippo
   Marlene Forte - Mrs. Garza
   Peyton List - Ava
   Eric Steinberg - Slim
   Raymond Cruz - Luis Torres
   Julie Claire - Angela Rondello
   Luis Saguar -
   Shane Edelman - Roknowski
   Naz Deravian - Kadira Zeitoun
   Joyce Guy - Judge
   Lorena Mena - Jenga Mom
   Chuck Bowman - Traffic Reporter
   Aramis Knight - Jenga Player
   Homie Doroodian - EMT
   Dan Warner - Deputy
   Teddy Lane Jr. - Mustache Cop
   Olivia Leigh - Teenage Girl
   Thomas Wilson Brown - Grocery Store Deputy
   John Antonini - Uniformed Cop
   Nick Hermz - Razi
   Akie Kotabe - Honda Driver

Review: Day Break

Day Break is a cop series that follows the adventures of a tough detective, Brett Hopper (Taye Diggs) who wakes up one morning next to his wife, has coffee and gets his newspaper, just like any other day. Except it is not a regular day; it is the day that Brett is arrested for murdering prosecutor Alberto Garza.

Brett has no idea about what happened, but as the murder weapon is found in his house, with his fingerprints on it, he is arrested. Once in prison, he is advised to plead guilty or his sister is going to be killed. In the meantime, his girlfriend is murdered in an attempt to intimidate Hopper into taking the blame for Alberto Garza death. Hopper is then drugged yet instead of waking up the next day in his cell he wakes up in his bed next to his girlfriend, and relives the previous day. Brett immediately tries to get rid of the murder weapon in his house and tries to escape the police. However, things donít work out; he is still caught by the police and his girlfriend still dies. His day ends on the same note as the previous one; he is once again threatened into taking the blame for the crime he is drugged and then he wakes up reliving the previous day.

Besides the obvious Groundhog Day style Sci Fi element, the series is full of action, conspiracy and mystery. Overall it is a fun action cop series fans will enjoy.


Right from the pilot the series looks captivating and well made; the actors are good, the plot is strong, and there are no fluff scenes. In each episode, the detective tries to make sense of it all, to unravel a conspiracy and all this while constantly dodging the police. This is a solid action mini series I recommend to all genre fans.

Review: Day Break

Day Break follows the story of Detective Brett Hopper played by Taye Diggs that after spend the night with his girlfriend, played by Moon Bloodgood, returns home and finds it devastated and his dog barking madly. Before even making sense of it all, police swarms into his house and drags him to prison on charges of murder. Soon new evidence will lead to the conclusion that the real killer is on the loose. And, as if this is not enough mystery, Hopper wakes up the next morning in the same situation that was on the day he was arrested. He tries as hard as he can to change the course of the day he weirdly has to relieve again and again. As today ends, there is no tomorrow for Hopper, and our character is trapped in a permanent terrifying state he can not escape.

It is a brilliant show because the intrigue is built cleverly and it is packed with generous amounts of mystery and suspense, as well as because of the excellent job actors in lead roles carry out. The action is fast paced; the topic is captivating even if nothing youíve never seen before. Day Break manages to look into the world of politics, justice as well as into the underworld of arms dealer, neo-Nazis, Latino drug gangs and so on. The common denominator of this mixed crowd is always money, corruption and viciousness in pursuing their interests.


As expected, Day Break follows the pattern of the famous series and only delivers details little by little to shed light gradually on the mystery. By the end, viewers have a somewhat clear idea of whatís happening in the series.

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