Da Vinci's Demons

This series follows story of Leonardo Da Vinci his early years in Renaissance Florence.

Available on networks: FOX, Starz

Categories: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, History
Countries: USA
First Run: 2013-04-13
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 796
Total Visits: 2400
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Tom Riley - Leonardo Da Vinci
   Laura Haddock - Lucrezia Donati
   Ian Pirie - Captain Dragonetti
   Lara Pulver - Clarice Orsini
   Tom Bateman - Giulino Medici
   Eros Vlahos - Nico
   Allan Corduner - Verrocchio
   Elliot Cowan - Lorenzo Medici
   Blake Ritson - Girolamo Riario
   Gregg Chillin - Zoroaster
   Hera Hilmar - Vanessa
   Tim Faraday - Black Martin
   Ross OHennessey - Commander Quattrone
   Paul Westwood - Niccolo Ardinghelli
   Elliot Levey - Francesco Pazzi
   David Schofield - Piero da Vinci
   Nick Dunning - Lupo Mercuri
   Michael Elwyn - Gentile Becchi
   Jason Langley - Officer Bertino
   James Faulkner - Pope Sixtus IV
   Ben Loyd-Holmes - Condietere Battista
   Ted Allpress - Young Leonardo Da Vinci
   Andrew Brooke - Grunwald
   Simon Armstrong - Scarpa
   Joe Claflin - Scarpas Assistant
   Mark Sumner - Conti
   Roger Evans - The Bird Seller
   David Sterne - Blind Beggar
   Celyn Jones - Fabrizio
   David Sturzaker - Bernardo Baroncelli
   Beverley Beck - Stallholder
   Alexander Siddig - Al-Rahim
   Ken Bones - The Jew
   Iain Mitchell - Cicco
   Grant Stimpson - Morgante
   Erik Madsen - Zircher
   John Cording - Father Bagnone
   Christopher Elson - Jacopo Saltarelli
   Nicholas Rowe - Cardinal Orsini
   Estella Daniels - Zita
   Michael Culkin - Jacopo Pazzi
   Abbie Hirst - Allegra Pazzi
   Stephen Marzella - Father Antonio Maffei
   Louise Smith - Pazzi Noble Woman
   Rorie Stockton - Apprentice Artist

Review: Da Vinci’s Demons

Da Vinci’s Demons is a light, good humored series placed in approximately the same period and geographical region with the action in than The Borgias; XV century Florence, Italy. The main character is a likeable non-conformist and a bit into drugs, young Leonardo Da Vinci. The series is fast paced, full of action, crimes, sex and extramarital relationships, power games, secret brotherhoods, a mysterious book and of course beautiful femme fatale Lucrezia Donati (Laura Haddock).

The main character, young Leonardo Da Vinci (Tom Riley), is caught in the middle of the two dominant powers of the time - the Medici Family and the Pope. Leonardo pursues his own ambitions, one of his main goals being to see his inventions become reality. Leonardo is haunted by childhood memories, especially the memory of his mother who disappeared when he was just a baby. He also remembers a later time when, as a child, he enters a cave and comes out covered in blood, without remembering exactly what happened there. We immediately know that there’ more to these memories and dreams and that somehow they will define Leonardo’s character and shed more light into the mysterious character of his mother.

As for the power games of the tome, on one hand, there’s Pope Sixtus IV, a not so holy character whose sexual preferences are at least questionable, and that seems more than happy to condemn his enemies to the flames of hell, on the other hand, there is the Medici family, headed by Lorenzo Medici and struggling to hold power and maintain Florence independent.


Da Vinci’s Demons is fun, and there’s plenty action to keep you entertained for 40 minutes or so on each episode. Furthermore, we get to see some of Da Vinci’s ideas for various war-machines put to work. Overall, the series is promising, and there’s no reason to miss this one out.

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