Curb Your Enthusiasm

Hes has a loving wife, great friends, a successful job, a nice home, so what could possibly go wrong for Larry David?

Available on networks: BBC Four, Canal+, Channel Bip, E4, HBO, More4, Showcase Television, Super Channel

Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2000-10-02
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 3653
Total Visits: 6919
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Larry David - Larry David
   Jeff Garlin - Jeff Greene
   Cheryl Hines - Cheryl David
   Susie Essman - Susie Greene
   Richard Lewis - Richard Lewis
   Bob Einstein - Marty Funkhouser
   J.B. Smoove - Leon Black
   Ashly Holloway - Sammi Greene
   Ted Danson - Ted Danson
   Shelley Berman - Nat David
   Antoinette Spolar - Antoinette
   Vivica A. Fox - Loretta Black
   Carla Jeffery - Keysha Black
   Nick Nervies - Daryl Black
   Ann Ryerson - Nan Funkhouser
   Wanda Sykes - Wanda Sykes
   Ellia English - Auntie Rae
   Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Julia Louis-Dreyfus
   Al Whiting - Orderly
   Paul Dooley - Cheryls Father
   Julie Payne - Cheryls Mother
   Kaitlin Olson - Becky
   Jerry Seinfeld - Jerry Seinfeld
   Jason Alexander - Jason Alexander
   Mary Steenburgen - Mary Steenburgen
   Paul Mazursky - Norm
   Mina Kolb - Jeff Greenes Mom
   Louis Nye - Jeff Greenes Dad
   Lou DiMaggio - Investor
   Hunter - Oscar the Dog
   Jim Staahl - Restaurant Manager
   Suzy Nakamura - Assistant Manager
   Mel Brooks - Mel Brooks
   Michael York - Michael York
   Ben Stiller - Ben Stiller
   Richard Kind - Cousin Andy
   Mekhi Phifer - Omar Jones
   Cady Huffman - Cady Huffman
   Patrick Kerr - Michael
   Rosie ODonnell - Rosie ODonnell
   David Schwimmer - David Schwimmer
   Christine Taylor - Christine Taylor
   Michael Richards - Michael Richards
   Jane Carr - Fran Metzger
   Caroline Aaron - Barbara
   Mayim Bialik - Jodi Funkhouser
   Tia Carrere - Cha Cha
   Jack Gallagher - Doctor
   Shelly Desai - Chuck
   Bill Saluga - Louis Lewis

Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Following the success with the Seinfeld series that made him a rich man, Larry David spends most of his days at the office, trying to prepare other series and movies, or at his luxurious home with his wife, an ardent campaigner for the environment built on the model of his actual wife that Larry meanwhile divorced. Their circle of friends is comprised of a number of celebrities, who mostly play as themselves; Jason Alexander, Richard Lewis, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer and so his manager, Jeff, together with his somewhat hysterical wife, and so on. Throughout the series, Larry manages to cause an endless series of socially awkward situations that are nevertheless hilarious.

Larry is almost always guided by the very best intentions, but only fails and blunders, and his wife is a constant victim of his awkwardness in social interactions. This is mainly why some episodes look like they are simply an argument from the first minute to the last, but the series does seem to develop nicely as Larry David applies some of his formulas from Seinfeld and you do feel an urge to see the next episode.

One thing leads to another and even the most common situation or interaction escalates to border an unreal scenario. Doctors, airline stewards, as well as old parents and even Asians, are often at the center of Larry’s quarrels as they are all his old enemies, in one way or another, and we know this pretty well from Seinfeld.


The series is unique and offers a sharp and highly intelligent humor that we know from Seinfeld. Larry David make fun of the rich American elite, and there are a lot of surprises in the script to you make it a treat once I you get a taste of it. The music is excellent and even funny at times, well blended with action in the series, which is another Larry David kind of thing.

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