Based on the 1719 novel, its an action-packed drama set in the 17th century.

Available on networks: CITYTV, Five, FOX, NBC, Power, TROS, TV2

Categories: Adventure, Drama, History
Countries: USA,UK,Canada,South Africa
First Run: 2008-10-18
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 935
Total Visits: 2194
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Sam Neill - Jeremiah Blackthorn
   Philip Winchester - Robinson Crusoe
   Tongayi Chirisa - Friday
   Anna Walton - Susannah Crusoe
   Mark Dexter - Samuel Tuffley
   M­a Maestro - Olivia
   Kieran Bew - Nathan West
   Elsa Bodle - Sophie
   Sean Bean - James Crusoe
   Joaquim de Almeida - Santos Santana
   Jeremy Crutchley - Will Atkins
   Sean Higgs - Rowley
   Joss Ackland - Judge Jefferies
   William Cooke - Daniel
   Jonathan Pienaar - Captain Lynch
   Emma Barnett - Mary Crusoe
   Harriet Rogers - Sophie
   Georgina Rylance - Judy
   Angus Barnett - Isbister
   Richard Bremmer - Gallerne
   Bob Goody - Fenwick
   Danny Keogh - Captain Taylor
   Lawrence Joffe - Bagwell
   Ernest Ndhlovu - Baillom
   Michelle Bradshaw - Elizabeth
   Andrew Brent - Captain
   Grant Swanby - Tibbetts
   James Lauren - Adam
   Alex McGregor - Grace
   David Osborne - LaPorte
   Tertius Meintjes - Nash
   Graham Clarke - Assassin
   Kenneth John - Dover
   Daivy Kuiper - Cook
   Shane Manie - Spanish Guard
   Luke Gellard - Young Robinson
   Barbara Bielecka - Young Susannah
   Mae Wright - Girl
   Gabriel Gilmour - Boy

Review: Crusoe

Although it is based on the novel Daniel Defoe wrote in 1719 the 2008 Crusoe TV miniseries created by NBC adds new items. Robinson Crusoe is the shipwrecked guy, who lives for six years on a deserted island, where he is occasionally visited by cannibals. Crusoe is saved from the hands of the cannibals by Friday, a man that becomes his reliable friend. Robinson’s mind is always on his wife and children who remained in England, both of which he hopes to see again in this life.

Friday becomes the best friend of Crusoe after he rescues him from the hands of the cannibals. Although being cultivated and a skilled fighter, he feels ashamed and worthless in his father's eyes because he failed a warrior test given to him when he was little. More precise, the part when he had to swim with the crocodiles. It’s not much of a surprise that he failed that part of the test.

Santos Santana is the Captain of the Spanish guard, initially Crusoe and Friday's enemy. Santana is disgusted because of Robinson's attachment for his black friend, so he allies with his prisoners in order to kidnap the English man. He eventually redeems his mistakes by saving Friday's life and doing everything to help Crusoe to return to England.

Jeremiah Blackthorn is apparently a good friend of the Crusoe family. He lends Robinson money to help him start a business, asking for nothing in return except for the honor of being the godfather of his children.

Disguised as a man, Olivia is a medical help on an English freighter. After serious problems, the sailors take refuge on Crusoe's island where she will meet him. Robinson will find out her true identity and the woman will help him in medical matters whenever he needs.

A childhood friend of Robinson, Susannah becomes his first love and later his wife. Throughout the series, we discover more about their relationship through Robinson's flashbacks, who suffers for every moment in which he is far from her.


You’re probably familiar with Robinson Crusoe’s adventures, but if you're looking for a new perspective then this series is right for you. The TV adaptation is action packed and entertaining.

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