Cougar Town

Women that reach a certain age sometimes decide to relive their youth by catching a young man.

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Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2009-09-24
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1574
Total Visits: 4023
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Courteney Cox - Jules Cobb
   Christa Miller - Ellie Torres
   Busy Philipps - Laurie Keller
   Dan Byrd - Travis Cobb
   Josh Hopkins - Grayson Ellis
   Ian Gomez - Andy Torres
   Brian Van Holt - Bobby Cobb
   Bob Clendenin - Tom
   Carolyn Hennesy - Barbara Coman
   Lamarcus Tinker - Kevin
   Sawyer Ever - Stan
   Ryan Devlin - Smith Frank
   Spencer Locke - Kylie
   Ken Jenkins - Chick
   Collette Wolfe - Kirsten
   Barry Bostwick - Roger Frank
   Edwin Hodge - Wade
   Briga Heelan - Holly
   Nicole Sullivan - Lynn Mettler
   Shawn Parikh - Sig
   Nick Zano - Josh
   Christopher and Zachary Randazzo - Stan
   Scott Foley - Jeff
   Sarah Chalke - Angie
   Alex Ball - Customer
   Sheryl Crow - Sara
   Brad Morris - Jerry
   Josh Halloway - Paul
   Ryan Biegel - Doug
   Yasmin Deliz - Nezzie
   Michael McDonald - Wayne Gibbons
   David Clayton Rogers - Matt
   Jared Wilson - Customer
   Rachel Rovner - Rachel
   Lou Diamond Phillips - Himself
   Gloria Garayua - Rosa
   Sam Lloyd - Ted Buckland
   Chad Roberts - Slightly Older Travis
   Katie ORourke - Betsy
   David Arquette - Daniel
   Michael Ausiello - Bartender
   Heather Sims - Customer
   Shaughn Buchholz - Finger Guns
   Krista Marie Yu - Girl
   Zach Braff - Himself
   Erik A. Williams - Coffee Bucks Customer

Review: Cougar Town

If you are tired of the kind of series in which the whole action revolves around a group of characters, such as Friends for example, it is well worth trying Cougar Town for a change. In this series, we have three mature women: Jules, a 40 years old divorcee, Laurie, a twenty-something flirty type, and Ellie, the serious wife type. If I add their sexy neighbor and Ellie's husband who is in love with Jules ex-husband, and also add her baby in this scenario, we certainly have a reasonable comedy to watch. It also has to be noted that the whole group fancies wine, a lot: breakfast means wine, lunch means wine and you get the idea.
The main character is Jules who is a real estate agent and who feels the need to control everyone's lives. And when I say everyone I mean even her ex-husbandís. The situations that she causes are hilarious and they are worth watching, especially with a glass of wine in front of you.
It is fascinating how the wine takes on new meanings with this series. From a simple beverage, it has become the symbol of friendship. Six friends and six beautiful life stories await you in Cougar Town. Jokes, irony and sarcasm, will surely make your day a more fun one.

It's a funny family series, and the life lessons delivered are engaging. It is always about compromise but also about the unity of people living in the same community. The episodes are quite short (30 minutes), but full of humor and good taste. You can get stuck in front of your TV for more Cougar Town episodes in one day. It's a relaxing series.

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