In present day Vancouver a female detective from the year 2077 searches for criminals from the future.

Available on networks: Showcase, SyFy, Vox

Categories: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries: Canada
First Run: 2012-05-28
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1030
Total Visits: 2790
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Rachel Nichols - Kiera Cameron
   Erik Knudsen - Alec Sadler
   Victor Webster - Carlos Fonnegra
   Stephen Lobo - Matthew Kellog
   Jennifer Spence - Betty Robertson
   Tony Amendola - Edouard Kagame
   Richard Harmon - Julian Randol
   Lexa Doig - Sonya Valentine
   Omari Newton - Lucas Ingram
   Brian Markinson - Inspector Dillon
   Roger R. Cross - Travis Berta
   Luvia Petersen - Jasmine Garza
   John Reardon - Greg
   Michael Rogers - Roland Randol
   Janet Kidder - Ann Sadler
   Terry Chen - Curtis Chen
   Sean Michael Kyer - Sam Cameron
   Caitlin Cromwell - Elena
   Adam Greydon Reid - Clayton
   Mike Dopud - Stefan Jaworski
   Olivia Ryan Stern - Maddie
   Jonathan Walker - Martin Bradley
   William B. Davis - Older Alec Sadler
   Zahf Paroo - Oscar
   Colin Lawrence - Leader
   Beatrice Sallis - Kagames Mother

Review: Continuum

Continuum is a Sci-Fi cop series. Kira is a cop in Vancouver in the year 2077, when world governments have fallen and corporations have taken over society, dictating its progress and the new laws.

A group of anarchist terrorists has to be executed for their actions against the large corporations and the new world order. The execution goes wrong and the terrorists escape not only from the prison, but also from that time, reaching back in 2012. By mistake, they also take Kira with them, who is confused because of the time period in which she finds herself. The terrorists continue their activities here, resuming their anarchist activities although they could have just led a good and wealthy life considering the amount of knowledge they had about the future. They plan to kill thousands of corporation executives in order to stop the formation of the Corporate Congress.  

Kira wants to stop the terrorists and is helped by the precocious genius Alec Sadler. In order to save the future, the two join forces with a local policeman that doesn't know her secret. She tries to find out what is Kagame’s terrorist band up to. Also, in each episode we can watch fragments of her life while she was still at home, in her own time.


I like that this TV series is not just about one case solved per episode. The show combines the Sci Fi, thriller, action and the detective genres. The action of the series is truly exciting, although the trip from 2077 to 2012 leads to confusion, perplexity and some paradoxical aspects insufficiently explained in the film.

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