Scruffy but methodical detective Columbo is a classic detective show where the detective is not taken seriously due to his demeanour and looks. But bad guys beware, Columbo always gets his man.

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First Run: 1968-02-20
Runtime: 120 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 847
Total Visits: 3077
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Peter Falk - Columbo
   Mike Lally - 2nd Bartender
   John Finnegan - Barney
   Bruce Kirby - Sergeant George Kramer
   Charles D. Miller - Crime Scene Cop
   Shera Danese - Cathleen Calvert
   Vito Scotti - Chadwick the clothier
   Fred Draper - Cab Driver
   Dianne Travis - Blonde At Birthday Of Mrs Hayward
   Ed McCready - Detective 2
   Patrick McGoohan - Col. Lyle C. Rumford
   Robert Culp - Dr. Bart Keppel
   Val Avery - Artie Jessup
   Steven Gilborn - George
   Jerome Guardino - Sergeant Burke
   Gerry Okuneff - Dealer
   Jack Cassidy - Ken Franklin
   Alan Fudge - David Chase Rileys lawyer
   Arlene Martel - Gloria
   Robert Donner - Arnie
   Timothy Carey - Bert
   Charles Macaulay - Durkee
   Richard Stahl - Ballistics Man
   Victor Izay - Conroy
   Milt Kogan - Medical Examiner
   Cliff Carnell - Officer Wilson
   Stewart J. Zully - Investigator 3
   Harvey Gold - Coroner
   Bill Zuckert - Capt. August
   Jimmy Joyce - Camera Operator
   Dennis Robertson - 1st Reporter
   Manuel DePina - 1st Detective
   Morgan Jones - Crime Lab Man
   John Petlock - Male Guest
   Carolyn Carradine - First Biker
   Vincent J. McEveety - Bus Boy
   George Hamilton - Dr. Mark Collier
   Robert Vaughn - Charles Charlie Clay
   William Shatner - Detective Lucerne
   Ray Milland - Arthur Kennicut
   Bob Dishy - Sergeant Frederic Wilson
   Wilfrid Hyde-White - Kittering Esq.
   Anne Francis - Nurse Sharon Martin
   Jeanette Nolan - Kate OConnell
   Molly Hagan - Ruth Ruthie Jernigan
   Mariette Hartley - Eileen McRae
   Richard Riehle - Sergeant Degarmo
   Ida Lupino - Doris Buckner
   James Gregory - Coach Rizzo
   Tim OConnor - Edward Lytton

Review: Columbo

Columbo is the type of investigator usually misjudged by both his co-workers and of course by those confident that they can get away with murder. Nevertheless, although Columbo does seem to be rather disorganized and appear to approach cases superficially, he succeeds in solving even the most well thought out murders. Columbo's success relies on the fact that he pays close attention to every detail and despite first impressions he is a scrupulous guy. The series is innovative due to its reversed cop format: almost every episode begins revealing how the crime was committed and unveiling also the identity of the perpetrator. The action focuses on the killer, whose guilt is known, and shows the evolution of the ensnare process of the culprit, until his final arrest.

Columbo began its history in 1971 when it appeared in the series that was broadcast on NBC's Sunday Mystery Movie program, occurring every three weeks. The show was the most popular series of three, the others mystery series being McCloud and McMillan and Wife.

Columbo never had a first name and was different from other detectives in the TV series. He looks like a 'flood victim', said Falk. You feel sorry for him. Apparently he does not see anything, but he actually sees everything. Behind his disheveled appearance there is a quick mind that works and works.

NBC canceled the series in 1977. In 1989 ABC offered it the possibility broadcast in two-hour format but only once or twice per season. The film continued until the 90s. Columbo appeared in a large number of countries.

The detective's trademark is an old raincoat that actor Peter Falk actually bought for himself. After using the raincoat for 25 consecutive years during the TV series, it became so old that a new one had to be used.


Detective Columbo is perhaps the most well know movie character that was never a classic. Instead, Columbo was always the spook with a glass eye, a cape, always a cigar, and lots funny or annoying questions, but with a quick mind ready to solve any mystery.

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Review: I may be dead, but im still chasing bad guys from the afterlife. Catch my new show when you die. Its on channel 666

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Summary: Columbo rocks. Best detective show ever
Review: I love Columbo, it is a real good detective show and i would recommend anyway who has not experienced the scruffy dick to catch it on whatever obscure channel it shows on in your Country.
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