Cold Case

Lilly Rush is the only dedicated female detective in the Philadelphia homicide squad, and finds her calling investigating cold cases, crimes that remain unsolved.

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Categories: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2003-09-28
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 804
Total Visits: 3260
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Kathryn Morris - Lilly Rush
   John Finn - John Stillman
   Jeremy Ratchford - Nick Vera
   Thom Barry - Will Jeffries
   Danny Pino - Scotty Valens
   Tracie Thoms - Kat Miller
   Nicki Aycox - Christina Rush
   Susan Chuang - Frannie Ching
   Jonathan LaPaglia - A.D.A. Curtis Bell
   Josh Hopkins - ADA Jason Kite
   Tania Raymonde - Frankie Rafferty
   Raymond J. Barry - Paul Cooper
   Daniel Baldwin - Moe Kitchener
   Bobby Cannavale - Eddie Saccardo
   Kevin McCorkle - Detective Gil Sherman
   Terri Hoyos - Rosa Valens
   Doug Spinuzza - Louie Amante
   Bonnie Root - A.D.A. Alexandra Thomas
   Ismael East Carlo - Ramiro Valens
   Keith Szarabajka - Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty
   Meredith Baxter - Ellen Rush
   Sonja Sohn - Toni Halstead
   Kenny Johnson - Joseph Shaw
   Marisol Nichols - Elisa
   Sarah Brown - Josie Sutton
   James Hanlon - Detective Pierson
   Brennan Elliott - Ray Williams
   Mark Rolston - Ari Gordon
   Robin Weigert - Anna Mayes
   Justin Chambers - Chris Lassing
   Bahni Turpin - Lindsey Dunlay
   Nestor Carbonell - Mike Valens
   Johnny Messner - Ryan Cavanaugh
   Oren Williams - Andre Halstead
   Joe Penny - Hank Butler
   Dondre Whitfield - Jarrod Jones
   Anthony John Crane - John Stillman 80
   Brant Cotton - Paul Cooper 76
   Susanna Thompson - Diane Yates 10
   Alex Valente - Officer Lennox
   Michael Ironside - Commandant Murillo
   Hawk Younkins - Dan Saller
   Ricky Roma - Pedestrian
   Silas Weir Mitchell - James Hogan
   John Billingsley - George Marks 2005
   Sarah Aldrich - Megan Easton
   Kevin Chapman - Joe Mueller
   John Diehl - Isaac Keller
   Jesse Plemons - Ryan Stewart
   JB Blanc - Paul Shepard 10

Review: Cold Case

There always are unsolved murders, or inexplicable suicides as well as murders that look like accidents. There are perpetrators who managed to carry out the so called the perfect crime and justice can not touch them. People who have done unimaginable horrors and live like normal people but without any remorse and without ever being punished. There are countless women, men, and children whose deaths will remain a mystery forever. Well, not forever if the forensics team presented in this series has anything to say about it.

The Philadelphia homicide forensic team unveils the criminals even after these cases have been long forgotten. The so called cols cases are reopened and amazingly enough murderers are found in most cases. Criminals who have lived as free men even decades after claiming the lives of others are now brought to justice for whatever their crime may be. The dead are vindicated and now can finally rest in peace.

The series began in 2003 and was suspended in May 2010, so there are enough episodes to watch. The action is centered on the work of a fictional Department of Criminal Police in Philadelphia, whose key member is a woman. Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) is no stranger to personal problems as she has an almost inexistent relationship with her younger sister which only causes her troubles, and she also has to deal with an alcoholic mother. The detective work is ideal for Lilly because she able to focus on something other than her loneliness and personal issues although each case affects her emotions and almost turns into a problem.


Cold Case is an excellent TV series for those that enjoy a good detective mystery drama. I find it extremely entertaining probably because I love Lilly’s character and think Kathryn Morris is perfect for the role.

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