Charmed highlights the conflicts and the relationships between three very different sisters and their need to be together to enable them to fulfill an ancient witchcraft prophecy.

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Categories: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Countries: USA
First Run: 1998-10-07
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1144
Total Visits: 2516
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Holly Marie Combs - Piper Halliwell
   Alyssa Milano - Phoebe Halliwell
   Brian Krause - Leo Wyatt
   Rose McGowan - Paige Matthews
   Dorian Gregory - Darryl Morris
   Shannen Doherty - Prue Halliwell
   Julian McMahon - Cole Turner
   Kristopher Simmons - Wyatt Halliwell
   Jason Simmons - Wyatt Halliwell
   Drew Fuller - Chris Halliwell
   Rebecca Balding - Elise Rothman
   Ted King - Inspector Andy Trudeau
   Kaley Cuoco - Billie Jenkins
   Greg Vaughan - Dan Gordon
   Jennifer Rhodes - Penny Grams Halliwell
   Michael Bailey Smith - Belthazor
   James Read - Victor Bennett
   Ivan Sergei - Henry Mitchell
   Amanda Sickler - Sophie
   Joel Swetow - Avatar Alpha
   Jenya Lano - Inspector Sheridan
   Kerr Smith - Kyle Brody
   Finola Hughes - Patty Halliwell
   Sandra Prosper - Sheila Morris
   Eric Dane - Jason Dean
   Todd Tucker - Creature Head Demon
   Marnette Patterson - Christy Jenkins
   Elizabeth Dennehy - Sandra
   Debbi Morgan - The Seer
   David Reivers - Bob Cowan
   Scout Taylor-Compton - Fairy
   Brian Oerly - Reinhardt
   Ken Waters - Malek the Bartender
   Oded Fehr - Zankou
   Billy Drago - Barbas
   Lochlyn Munro - Jack Sheridan
   Gildart Jackson - Gideon
   Victor Webster - Coop
   Balthazar Getty - Richard Montana
   Nick Lachey - Leslie St. Claire
   Patrice Fisher - Avatar Beta
   Neil Roberts - Rex Buckland
   Leland Crooke - Candor
   Jason Lewis - Dex Lawson
   Leigh-Allyn Baker - Hannah Webster
   Ian Anthony Dale - Avatar Gamma
   Cristine Rose - Claire Pryce
   S¸ren Oliver - Baliel
   Steven J. Oliver - Asmodeus
   Christina Ulloa - Jo Bennett

Verdict: Charmed

The Charmed TV series is a well done mix of comedy, romance, fantasy, mystery and drama that I would gladly recommend to people of all ages. Millions of people enjoy this delightful eight season long series, and many would love to see it renewed for more seasons. Charmed is a complex and original series in which you can enjoy character building at its best.

Charmed begins with the reunion of three sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe at their family home in San Francisco following their grandmother's death. Without even realizing it, the three sisters start reading from an old magical book that’s been in their family for generations. The incantation that they read gives them magical powers. During the first season, the three sisters are closer than ever as they fight against evil, and realize the existence of things that can not be explained. Prue had been traumatized throughout her childhood by the fear of being kidnapped. Now she learns that it was for good reason; their deprivation from the world of magic occurred when the oldest daughter, Prue, was kidnapped for a week by a demon. Of course, up until now she had no recollection of that event. This is how the long series of adventures in the service of good begins for the three sisters. The magical adventures do Halliwell sisters much good as it brings them closer and makes room for love and harmony.

Endowed with the power of three, the sisters take a fight with the underground world, each with their own magical power, and in each episode they manage to save the world from the dark forces. Prue has the ability to move things with her mind, Piper can freeze time, and Phoebe has the gift of premonitions.


Even though their lives seem a bit chaotic, the Halliwell sisters successfully combine family life with their work in serving the good. Watching their adventures in each Charmed episode has been the joy of many and is sure to attract even more fans.

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