Watch survival expert, Bear Grylls as he travels the world visiting the most dangerous locations and environments, and shows you how to stay alive in them.

Available on networks: Discovery Channel

Categories: Adventure, Reality-TV
Countries: UK,USA
First Run: 2000-05-01
Runtime: 45 mins
Show Status: Continuing
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Review: Bear Grylls Born Survivor/Man vs. Wild

Bear Grylls is a British climber and an adventure guy. He was trained in British Special Forces and in many extreme expeditions. He is also trained as a survival expert in the British army, and in his show he crosses the globe from one pole to the other, from South America to Alaska, from the Pacific Ocean to Siberia, or reaching Everest from European Alps, all in order to show us how to survive in the toughest places on Earth in unimaginable harsh conditions for the common man.

Being a daring guy, the survivor from Discovery Channel faces the most terrible powers of nature: fatal cold, infernal heat, most dangerous wild animals like crocodiles, snakes, bears, and so, the most threatening heights putting his health and life in danger, in order to present us edging situations in which you can find yourself out in the wild. In his ventures, Grylls shows us how to get out of the swamp, what to do if we fall into iced water, what to eat in those situations and so on. Itís just a show, but he obviously could survive in the wild without his team.

Ironically and sadly, this presenter who wants to show people how to behave in real life situations is considered an actor by some, specifically that he plays a role dictated by a screenwriter, not by the instinct of self-preservation or logic.

Bear will remain a remarkable adventurer at whose shows many will get the chills. I bet that especially when it's time for lunch or dinner, people will be wondering what on earth will Bear Grylls ingest next time.


Bear Grylls is an extraordinary man, a venturesome pioneer, fearless guy, a true hero of our times. It would be great if we could perceive the wonderful message that he is trying to convey in each episode, namely to love and respect nature, to enjoy its beauties and to recognize its unsuspected traps and dangers. Thanks, Bear Grylls!

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Review: This guy is awesome, not just what he does on the show, but look at his history. Was in the special forces and is a great adventurer travelling inhospitable places. Bear your a 4 star guy
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