A top forensic anthropologist and novelist, Dr Temperance Brennan is employed at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington.

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Categories: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Countries: USA
First Run: 2005-09-13
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 3548
Total Visits: 9112
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Emily Deschanel - Dr. Temperance Bones Brennan
   David Boreanaz - Special Agent Seeley Booth
   Michaela Conlin - Angela Montenegro
   T.J. Thyne - Dr. Jack Hodgins
   Tamara Taylor - Dr. Camille Saroyan
   John Francis Daley - Dr. Lance Sweets
   Eric Millegan - Zack Addy
   Patricia Belcher - Caroline Julian
   Jonathan Adams - Dr. Daniel Goodman
   Michael Grant Terry - Wendell Bray
   Eugene Byrd - Dr. Clark Edison
   Ryan ONeal - Max Keenan
   Carla Gallo - Daisy Wick
   Joe Davis - Security Guard
   Pej Vahdat - Arastoo Vaziri
   Joel David Moore - Colin Fisher
   Ryan Cartwright - Vincent Nigel-Murray
   David Greenman - FBI Forensic Tech Marcus Geier
   Ty Panitz - Parker Booth
   Susanne Allan Hartman - Christine Angela Booth
   Ali Louise Hartman - Christine Angela Booth
   Nathan Dean - FBI Agent Charlie Burns
   Tiffany Hines - Michelle Welton
   Katheryn Winnick - Hannah Burley
   Billy Gibbons - Angelas Dad
   Luke Kleintank - Finn Abernathy
   John M. Jackson - FBI Deputy Director Sam Cullen
   Stephen Fry - Dr. Gordon Wyatt
   Brendan Fehr - Jared Booth
   Loren Dean - Russ Brennan
   Eddie McClintock - Special Agent Tim Sullivan
   Andrew Leeds - Christopher Pelant
   Adam Lieberman - FBI Agent Sanders
   Diedrich Bader - Andrew Hacker
   Tina Majorino - Special Agent Genevieve Shaw
   Elon Gold - Dr. Paul Lidner
   Heath Freeman - Howard Epps
   Scoot McNairy - Noel Liftin
   Heavy D - Sid Shapiro
   Deirdre Lovejoy - Heather Taffet
   Chris Conner - Oliver Laurier
   Reed Diamond - FBI Special Agent Hayes Flynn
   Arnold Vosloo - Jacob Broadsky
   Marisa Coughlan - Special Agent Payton Perotta
   Nichole Hiltz - Roxie Lyon
   Burnadean Jones - FBI Forensic Tech
   Cara Gayle Grippin - Concerned Pregnant Woman
   Patience Kemper - Baby Christine
   Wendy Worthington - Waitress
   Jos Zº±iga - Mickey Santana

Review: Bones

Doctor Temperance Brennan is a known anthropologist and writes novels as a hobby. The doctor who works at the Jefferson Institute in Washington and she is the expert called when the human remains are so decomposed or in some way destroyed that the police can’t go any further with the investigation of a murder. This is because she has the ability to notice clues in the bones of the victims no matter how damaged the remains are.

Most law enforcement agents don't seem to understand the skills, the intelligence and generally her way of solving any investigation case that she assists. However, special agent Seeley Booth, from FBI’s homicide department seems to be the exception. A former sniper, Booth does not believe in science and in the scientists who meditate on mental evidence of a crime. But this combination of his focus on people and the science of Doctor Brennan who is focusing on the bones or human remains is what makes them form a formidable team.

Bones is an original series that captures you from the first episode.  It is a perfect blend of murder cases and the personal lives of the characters. The interpersonal relationships are emphasized in the vast forensics team that consists of an FBI agent, former sniper, a painter and some freak doctors. The series tackles a new and untapped subject, namely reading ‘bones’. I strongly recommend this series to all cop show fans.


Bones is the best show aired by Fox in recent years. A series that's really worth watching! Intriguing and mysterious scenes, the extensive search and the fascinating way of finding the diagnosis made it one of the best forensic series. The controversial relationships between characters make it an even more interesting TV series.

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