Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire depicts Nucky Thompson life, he is the ruler of Atlantic City, who once was a politician and gangster.

Available on networks: BNN TV, Channel One Russia, HBO, Sky Atlantic, TNT, WOWOW Prime, YLE

Categories: Crime, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2010-09-20
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 3399
Total Visits: 11305
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Steve Buscemi - Enoch Nucky Thompson
   Kelly Macdonald - Margaret Schroeder
   Michael Shannon - Agent Nelson Van Alden
   Michael Kenneth Williams - Chalky White
   Michael Pitt - James Jimmy Darmody
   Shea Whigham - Elias Eli Thompson
   Aleksa Palladino - Angela Darmody
   Michael Stuhlbarg - Arnold Rothstein
   Stephen Graham - Al Capone
   Vincent Piazza - Lucky Luciano
   Paz de la Huerta - Lucy Danziger
   Anthony Laciura - Eddie Kessler
   Paul Sparks - Mickey Doyle
   Dabney Coleman - Commodore Louis Kaestner
   Gretchen Mol - Gillian Darmody
   Lucy Gallina - Emily Schroeder
   Josie Gallina - Emily Schroeder
   Declan McTigue - Teddy Schroeder
   Rory McTigue - Teddy Schroeder
   Brady Noon - Tommy Darmody
   Connor Noon - Tommy Darmody
   Jack Huston - Richard Harrow
   Robert Clohessy - Ward Boss Neary
   Tom Stratford - Gyps Men
   Victor Verhaeghe - Ward Boss Fleming
   Anatol Yusef - Meyer Lansky
   William Hill - Ward Boss ONeill
   Adam Mucci - Deputy Halloran
   Kevin ORourke - Edward Bader
   Edward McGinty - Ward Boss Boyd
   Paul Jude Letersky - Farraday Iron Salesman
   Charlie Cox - Owen Slater
   Greg Antonacci - Johnny Torrio
   Heather Lind - Katy
   Erik Weiner - Agent Sebso
   Peter McRobbie - Supervisor Elliot
   Edoardo Ballerini - Ignatius DAlessio
   Jacqueline Pennewill - Lillian
   Dominic Chianese - Leander Cephas Whitlock
   Max Casella - Leo DAlessio
   Enid Graham - Rose Van Alden
   Peter Claymore - Grey-Haired Man
   Rony Clanton - Butler
   Kevin Henderson - Dr. Carl Surran
   Tracy Middendorf - Babbette
   Peter Van Wagner - Isaac Ginsburg
   Ken Sladyk - Gangster
   Anne Bergstedt Jordanova - Gillians Prostitute
   William Forsythe - Manny Horvitz
   Julianne Nicholson - Esther Randolph

Review: Boardwalk Empire - Another 'As Good As It Gets TV Show' From HBO

If you've enjoyed The Sopranos, HBO's most successful TV series and one considered by most critics the best TV series so far, then Boardwalk Empire should be next on your list of must-watch TV shows. The series follows the life of Nucky Thompson, Atlantic City political figure of the twenties that rises to success by holding a tight grip on illegal alcohol smuggling during the prohibition.

Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson is portrayed by Steve Buscemi, and his life is adapted by Sopranosí producer Terence Winter from Nelson Johnson's novel 'Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City'. Buscemiís performance, as well as the excellent portraying of the twenties, have turned Boardwalk Empire into a great success. Its first episode was directed by Martin Scorsese, and the costs reached an incredible figure, close to twenty million dollars. Ever since it first aired in early 2010, Boardwalk Empire has been a major success with both critics and the public. Eight Emmy Awards stand to confirm its success, and the TV series has since received many other awards including a golden Globe.

Now with the third season only beginning, and already showing same extraordinary visual quality in depicting the era, we can only expect to see Boardwalk Empire winning even more awards. Steve Buscemi is at his best, portraying Nucky in this series being indeed an inspired choice, and Martin Scorsese, a genius of both the camera and casting, is the man that ingeniously orchestrated this in the first place.


All those into historical depictions of Al Capone's times, and indeed Al Capone himself is a very present character of Boardwalk empire, should not miss this excellent TV series from HBO. Nucky Thomson's empire built on bootlegging, crime and violence is presented to its detail as it is the entire era in which action takes place. Everything from costumes to settings and the interaction between characters is genuine. If I were to describe the series in one word, I'd have to say : Genuine!
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Review: I love this show and although it was sad that Richard died, it was an incredible season and I can\'t wait for the next season 5!
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