Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted is about Ted Crisp, a father and a respected head of a research and development department at Veridian Dynamics.

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Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2009-03-18
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1191
Total Visits: 2821
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jay Harrington - Ted Crisp
   Portia de Rossi - Veronica Palmer
   Andrea Anders - Linda Zwordling
   Jonathan Slavin - Phil Myman
   Malcolm Barrett - Lem Hewitt
   Isabella Acres - Rose Crisp
   Jonna Kae Volz - Verionicas Secretary
   Terry Rhoads - Chet
   Maz Jobrani - Dr. Bhamba
   Rizwan Manji - Rick
   Billy Stevenson - Lonnie
   Merrin Dungey - Sheila
   Carla Jimenez - Patricia
   Jason Suhrke - Office Intern
   Stefan Marks - Brett
   Vivian Bang - Debbie
   Marielou Mandl - Exec Assistant
   Chip Chinery - Ryan
   Patricia Belcher - Janet
   Gary Rubenstein - Dr. Rosenbaum
   Jake Dogias - Alvin
   Richard Robichaux - Mark
   Mark Deklin - Mordor
   Martha Boles - Lisa
   Donald Li - Asian Man
   Chris Dotson - Joe
   T.C. De Witt - Bruce the Cat Guy

Review: Better Off Ted

Ted (Jay Harrington) is Research and Development Vice President for Veridian Dynamics, a extremely large corporation whose main motto is money before people. Veridian Dynamics is involved in all sorts of shady research, and they are heavily invested in politics and do tests on their employees without remorse. As Ted's boss Veronica (Portia de Rossi) says at one point, there are only three governments more powerful than Veridian Dynamics at this point.

As his wife is on a crusade to save the world somewhere in the wilderness of a third world, country, Ted has to manage to raise his daughter alone. Rose, his daughter, is much like the like the voice of his conscience for Ted because not rarely his work for Veridian Dynamics involves coming up with some pretty awful ideas.

His boss is a corporate soulless agent that all employees are afraid of, but which ironically has nothing but respect for Ted's ideas. The team is completed by Linda, Ted's colleague that works in the Testing Department and has somewhat of a romantic interest in Ted, as well as Lem and Phil the two scientists that put into practice even the craziest ideas.

Absolutely all Veridian company decisions are taken without the slightest concern for the safety or lives of employees, and the main goal is money and power. This is of course a main source for comedy in this series as is Ted's relationship with all his colleagues and bosses. Ted is also the narrator from time to time, and this adds up to the comedy.


Better Off Ted is one hilarious TV series I enjoyed watching and would love to see more of. However, the series got cancelled after its second season in 2010. In today's corporatist world, Better Off ted is like a breath of fresh air in some ways.

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