Being Human

Being Human is a British comedy about supernatural beings living like humans. Lenora Crichlow as Annie Sawyer are ghosts, Aidan Turner as John Mitchell are Vampires and Russell Tovey as George Sands are werewolves. The six must keep their double life secret from humans as well as fight off the dark supernatural creates that try to expose them for what they really are.

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Categories: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Countries: UK
First Run: 2008-02-19
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1381
Total Visits: 4191
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Sam Witwer - Aidan Waite
   Meaghan Rath - Sally Malik
   Sam Huntington - Josh Levison
   Kristen Hager - Nora Sergeant
   Gianpaolo Venuta - Danny
   Mark Pellegrino - Bishop
   Pat Kiely - Nick Fenn
   Kyle Schmid - Henry
   Susanna Fournier - Zoe Gonzales
   Vincent Leclerc - Marcus
   Sarah Allen - Rebecca Flynt
   Alison Louder - Emily Levison
   Angela Galuppo - Bridget
   Deanna Russo - Kat Neely
   Connor Price - Kenny
   Xander Berkeley - Liam McLean
   Robert Naylor - Stevie Atkins
   Andreas Apergis - Ray
   Dichen Lachman - Suren
   Natalie Brown - Julia
   Bobby Campo - Max
   Dusan Dukic - Reaper
   Amy Aquino - Donna Gilchrist
   Deena Aziz - Mother
   Lydia Doesburg - Erin Shepherd
   Kyle Gatehouse - Atlee
   Tracy Spiridakos - Brynn McLean
   Jon Cor - Connor McLean
   Terry Kinney - Hegeman
   Olunik Adeliyi - Cecilia
   Janine Theriault - Blake
   Martin Thibaudeau - Dr. Tim Forest
   Katharine Isabelle - Susanna Waite
   Ellen David - Ilana Myers
   Kyle Harrison Breitkopf - Isaac Waite
   Nadia Verrucci - Nurse Kerwin
   Erica Deutschman - Beth
   Chip Chuipka - Walter Strung Out Ghost
   Imogen Haworth - Holly
   Dawn Ford - Dutch Woman
   Peter Seaborn - Dutch Vampire 1
   Amber Goldfarb - Janet Hines
   John Bregar - Trent Harris
   Jason Spevack - Bernie Lanham
   Nathalie Breuer - Celine
   Ron Lea - Pete
   Cindy Sampson - Cindy Lanham
   Laurence Leboeuf - Celine - 20 Years Old
   Rahnuma Panthaky - Rena Malik
   Katy Breier - Cara

Review: Being Human

Contrary to what you might believe from its title, the main characters in Being Human are a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. Their desire to make part of the society and live a normal life makes the series tackle such topics as communication, acceptance, love; ultimately, everything that makes us human. The central characters are Mitchell (Aidan Turner), a 100 years old vampire, and George (Russell Tovey), a young werewolf struggling to accept his new condition; after having been on a vacation in the mountains, George is scratched by such a supernatural creature and becomes one himself. In order to better integrate into society, Mitchell and George take jobs at a hospital in their town and move into a rented apartment. In their new apartment, they meet Annie (Lenora Crichlow), the ghost of the former owner.

Makeup and special effects are not impressive in this series, but there is horror, and there is humor, so it's fun to watch. Being Human is more about smart lines, sarcasm, and the characters desperately trying to cope with their condition and also to keep it a secret. Being Human manages to be scary at times and it's also very funny how the three room mates try to understand and live with each other.


Being Human is no True Blood but it is one of the supernatural series that is worth watching. If you are looking for something more than a vampire show, and would like to see character development, then this is a series for you. Just don't expect much from the special effects but more human interaction.

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