Babylon 5

Babylon 5 is the space station thats in the neutral territory and becomes the focus of a five year long saga.

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Categories: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Countries: USA
First Run: 1993-02-22
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1786
Total Visits: 3261
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jerry Doyle - Michael Garibaldi
   Mira Furlan - Delenn
   Richard Biggs - Dr. Stephen Franklin
   Stephen Furst - Vir Cotto
   Andreas Katsulas - GKar
   Peter Jurasik - Londo Mollari
   Bill Mumy - Lennier
   Bruce Boxleitner - Capt. John Sheridan
   Claudia Christian - Cmdr. Susan Ivanova
   Jeff Conaway - Zack Allan
   Bill Blair - Alien
   Patricia Tallman - Lyta Alexander
   Jason Carter - Marcus Cole
   Andrea Thompson - Talia Winters
   Joshua Cox - Lt. David Corwin
   Ardwight Chamberlain - Kosh
   Michael OHare - Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair
   Julie Caitlin Brown - NaToth
   Robert Rusler - Warren Keffer
   Mary Kay Adams - NaToth
   Tracy Scoggins - Capt. Elizabeth Lochley
   Marianne Robertson - Tech 1
   Mark Hendrickson - Drazi Ambassador
   Haley McLane - Computer
   Jonathan Chapman - Brakiri Ambassador
   Kim Strauss - Drazi Ambassador
   Ed Wasser - Morden
   Walter Koenig - Alfred Bester
   Michael McKenzie - Alien Customer
   Wayne Alexander - Lorien
   Maggie Egan - ISN Anchor
   Robin Atkin Downes - Byron
   Denise Gentile - Lise Hampton
   Damian London - Minister
   Neil Bradley - Alien 2
   Marjorie Monaghan - Number One
   David L. Crowley - Lou Welch
   Marshall R. Teague - TaLon
   William Forward - Lord Refa
   John Vickery - Neroon
   Robin Sachs - Hedronn
   Louis Turenne - Brother Theo
   Ron Campbell - Drazi Ambassador
   Wortham Krimmer - Emperor Cartagia
   Macaulay Bruton - Garibaldis Aide
   Tim Choate - Zathras
   Mark Schneider - Wade
   James Kiriyama-Lem - Med Tech
   Doug McCoy - Alpha Seven
   Kathryn Cressida - Kat the Bartender

Review: Babylon 5

Somewhere in the universe, a major battle between good and evil was taking place. The First Ones and the Minbari are the good guys, and on evil's side there were the Shadows. The Shadows were defeated in the end and entered into a kind of hibernation leaving their ships hidden in different worlds. After this galactic fight most of the First Ones left the known universe. There are only a few of them left, for example the Vorlons, the teenager species Minbari and the even younger humans.

Years pass, and the Minbari reach adulthood and the younger species mentioned above reach adolescence. After about 900 years, around 2150, teens begin to leave home and date so to speak. The Centauri meet humans and start making agreements and trading. The Centauri make available to people the technology of a sort of worm holes. This give people a remarkable boost, as they start to explore space, colonize the solar system and become a significant power in the galaxy in their own way.

As people are extending in all directions and try to expand their sphere of influence, they take the decision to send a military expedition, Earthforce, to learn everything about the Minbari. In the following year the Earth's battleship finally meets a Minbari cruiser. Unfortunately, humans misinterpret Minibari's idea of greeting as the respect and openness of the Minbari was displayed as their ships aimed the guns. This was their sign of greeting and peace but people started shooting and killed the Minbari leader, Dukhat. From this point on, the Minbari start a merciless war against Earth.


Of course, the action in Babylon 5 is far more complicated that this and throughout its 5 season this Sci Fi masterpiece will surely manage to captivate your imagination. Babylon 5 is a must see for all Sci Fi enthusiasts and the related TV series Legend of the Rangers and Lost Tale are also worth watching.

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