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Watch interviews with important people, world leaders and people in the news in this award winning news and interview show.

Available on networks: ABC

Categories: Documentary, News
Countries: USA
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Elizabeth Vargas - Herself - Anchor
   JuJu Chang - Herself
   Howard Bragman - News Consultant
   Chris Cuomo - Himself
   Diane Sawyer - Herself
   Barbara Walters - Herself
   John Stossel - Himself
   Matthew T. Johnston - Himself
   Deborah Roberts - Herself
   Chris Connelly - Himself
   Jaycee Dugard - Herself
   Rhema Marvanne - Herself
   Hugh Downs - Himself
   Geraldo Rivera - Himself
   Sylvia Chase - Herself
   Liza Minnelli - Herself
   Patty Duke - Herself
   Christopher Chacon -
   John Quiħones - Himself
   Mariah Carey - Herself
   Fantasia Barrino - Herself
   Jim Avila - Himself - correspondent
   Jay Schadler - Himself
   Charles Gibson - Himself
   Martin Bashir - Himself - Host
   Jane Fonda - Herself
   John Miller - Himself - Co-Anchor
   Sam Donaldson - Himself - Contributing Anchor
   Connie Chung - Herself - Contributing Anchor
   Jack Ford - Himself - Contributing Anchor
   Thomas Hoving - Himself - Correspondent
   Carl Sagan - Himself - Correspondent
   Sander Vanocur - Himself - Correspondent
   Peter Lance - Himself - Investigative Correspondent
   Catherine Crier - Herself - Correspondent
   Lisa McRee - Herself - Reporter
   Chris Wallace - Himself - Correspondent
   Arnold Diaz - Himself - Correspondent
   Harold Hayes - Himself - Co-Anchor
   Robert Hughes - Himself - Co-Anchor
   Michael Jackson - Himself
   Timothy Johnson - Himself - Chief Medical Correspondent
   Cynthia McFadden - Herself - Correspondent
   Perri Peltz - Herself - Correspondent
   Stone Phillips - Himself - Correspondent
   Bill Ritter - Himself - Correspondent
   Brian Ross - Himself - Correspondent
   Lynn Sherr - Herself - Correspondent

Review: 20/20 - Investigations and News that matter to you

20/20 is a weird name for a show. It stands out from the normal show names. For years 20/20 has been a top notch news show about everything that's important. 20/20 is a show on ABC that consists of interviews and investigations into all sorts of things. One of the primary shows on 20/20 is "To catch a Predator". This show has became very popular because it highlights just how bad some people really are.

A group of people called "Perverted Justice" works with ABC to bring down predators who go after young kids online for sex. If you have never seen this 20/20 investigation then you need to tune in next time they do it. It is a real eye opener to how bad things can get online. This is just what 20/20 is all about.

20/20 investigates many things that matter to you. Another popular investigation they did was called "Stupid in America". It highlights some of the key issues with why America's students are so far behind students in other countries. It shows inside views you probably would never know if you did not watch the investigation.

What goes on inside our kids schools will blow you away. You might wonder why kids get out of school and do not know much. If you watch this investigation you will see just how bad it really is inside our schools.


20/20 investigates many things. Some of the things that they have investigated over the years has opened many people's eyes. If you want the real truth behind something without a bias then you should watch 20/20 on ABC.

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