2 Broke Girls

Two waitresses working together at a diner become friends and try to get their break in business.

Available on networks: CBS, CITYTV, Comedy Max, E4, ETC, MNet, Net5, NineAU, OSN, RTA, sub, TNT, TVNZ, Veronica, Warner Bros.

Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2012-05-22
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1186
Total Visits: 6076
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Kat Dennings - Max Black
   Beth Behrs - Caroline Channing
   Garrett Morris - Earl
   Jonathan Kite - Oleg
   Matthew Moy - Han Lee
   Jennifer Coolidge - Sophie Kachinsky
   Nick Zano - Johnny
   Ryan Hansen - Andy
   Brooke Lyons - Peach
   Noah Mills - Robbie
   Steven Weber - Martin Channing
   Bruno Amato - Italian Guy
   Bunny Levine - Helen
   Gary Kraus - Brian
   Matt Cook - Band Member
   Kevin DArcy - Security Guard
   Brian Gross - Steve
   Eddie Pepitone - Barney
   Greg Worswick - Michael
   Alex Berg - Wine Guy
   Nick Fouquet - Hipster 4
   Jake Madden - Hipster 2
   Ann Maddox - Hipster Girl
   Chase McKendry - Hipster 1
   Paxton West McMurray - Twin Boy
   Marsha Thomason - Cashandra
   Josh Winot - Hipster 3
   Stephanie Allynne - Fun Girl 2
   Shawn Ashley - Barista
   Brandon P Bell - Officer Mars
   Laurel Coppock - Kara
   Nancy DeMars - Metro Gala Woman
   Mario Diaz - Steam Punk Guy
   Aristotle Dreher - Foodie
   Travis Lindquist - Geek 2
   D.J. Pierce - Hallelujah
   Dana Powell - Shana
   Ardeshir Radpour - NYPD Mounted Police
   Adam Ray - Tony
   Sloan Robinson - Francine
   Abe Ruthless - Cater Waiter
   Martha Stewart - Herself
   Damon Stone - Geek 1
   Amy Tolsky - Staples Lady
   Donnell Turner - Officer James
   Lonny Price - Director
   Kendal Rae - Tina
   Karen Rizzo - Woman
   Anne Sertich - Jane
   Stacie Theon - Dottie

Review: 2 Broke Girls

The title says it all; this is a series about two girls that have no money. They are the cynical Max (wonderfully portrayed by Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs). Even though both girls face same financial problems, they are majorly different in terms of how they got there, their personal histories; Max had a difficult childhood, so she had to manage on her own, and now she's a waitress in a not so popular Brooklyn restaurant. There she meets Caroline, a spoiled girl that has lost everything, houses, cars and expensive clothes and so on after her father is convicted for fraud, and everything he owns is seized by the authorities. As the trial and financial issues ultimately ruined her friendships, Caroline prefers to live anonymously in Brooklyn.

The two girls dream about starting their own business. For this, Max and Caroline need to come up with a quarter million bucks and the series is all about how their finances get better or sometimes go down. Max has a second job baby-sitting for Peach, a below average intelligence model obsessed with celebrities and how newborns Brad and Angelina look.

2 Broke Girls is a funny series; the lines are hilarious and often down right offensive or at least not all that politically correct, yet no one can get offended by the two broke girls. Everyone is under attack in this series from Caroline and Max to the gay community, to the rich snobbish folks, to blacks, immigrants, Asians, and so forth; I guess these indiscriminate attacks make the series somewhat politically correct; if not, at least it makes it terribly funny.


2 Broke Girls has received much criticism right from the start because the jokes are too sexual or racist. However, if you want something funny then go with this series as it is much funnier than Two and a Half Men and similar series.

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