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Viasat 3 is a TV channel that was originally named Alfa TV, in 2000 the channel was bought by Swedish MTG its name was then changed to Viasat 3.

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Viasat 3 is owned by: Swedish MTG
TV Shows on Viasat 3: 30 Rock, Americas Next Top Model, Andromeda, Brothers & Sisters, CSI Miami, Columbo, Dexter, Dirt, Firefly, Futurama, Gary Unmarried, H2O Just Add Water, King of Queens, Law & Order LA, Law & Order SVU, Mike & Molly, Person of Interest, Pushing Daisies, Shameless USA, Spartacus Blood and Sand, Survivor, The King of Queens, The Simpsons, Trust Me ...[See more TV Shows on Viasat 3]

Country: Hungary
Viasat 3 Is available in: Hungary
Visits Today: 904
Total Visits: 1924
Tags: Movies & TV Shows, Entertainment, TV Channels
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