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UCTV or University of California Television is a satellite tv channel & website whos programming delivers science, health, medicine, public affairs, humanities, and arts to a wide audience.
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UCTV: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 11 Dec 2012


Some programs are an hour long
Several thousand video available
Free to watch
New programs added all the time
Multiple avenues to watch these videos


It may take time to sort through the many videos to find what interests you

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Live Streaming Video
Where to Watch

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UCTV provides viewers with several thousand videos pertaining to lectures, presentations, concerts, and other performances from the website.



UCTV, otherwise known as University of California Television, broadcast from the University of California and is best known throughout the United States as the premier research university. It consists of ten campuses and three national labs. UCTV was launched in 2000 with the intention to further the mission of The University of California and their research by providing public service television that focuses on teaching, knowledge, culture, and discussions held on campus related to higher learning. They have several avenues where users can enjoy their television programs; YouTube, a cable channel, Roku, iTunes apps, and soon other mobile devices. Subjects covered in programming include science, arts and culture, health and medicine, education, agriculture, public affairs, and business. These are presented in documentary formats, faculty lectures, performances, and more.


UCTV has a very nice selection of available programs. These programs can be located on the site through the drop down menus located at the top of the site. Within each category, users will find more specific categories in each section. Between sections and subsections, there are several hundred subjects that each contains video. Each available program is different for the next. Users will find lectures on many different subjects as well as concerts and other performances. Each program is approximately 30 minutes but there are some that last up to an hour in length. It is different to calculate the number of video available as there are more than several thousand programs available for viewing. Additionally, UCTV will keep each user posted on what programs are coming up in the future for that subject.


The video is of exceptional quality as each program is created by professional camera men and directors. Some of these videos are hosted on UCTVís own YouTube channel while others are broadcast live or pre-recorded from their offline television channel. Additionally, many of these programs are also available in podcast format. Users can enjoy hours of streaming video on multiple academic subjects. Each video listing will provide users with a full synopsis of the program before watching. A free newsletter is also offered to let viewers know when new videos are added to the site.

Live Streaming Video

UCTV has live streaming video available at all times. These videos are actually lectures taking place in real time in most cases. UCTV has a full schedule for their live streaming programs so users can decide what lecture they donít want to miss. These programs do not just show just the speaker; the slides and presentations being used during each lecture are also viewable while these lectures are taken place. UCTV will provide users with additional links at the side that will give users access to other videos that cover the same topic of what is currently being broadcast. This channel streams a full schedule of programs throughout the day. Programs are also divided by campus and schools.


This website has a full schedule available for UCTV that stretches months in advance. Each listing will give users background information on available programs as well as links to other videos on the same subject. Schedules are listed I more than one format. Users can choose to view full schedule by campus, by time, and by subject. Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time format.

Where to Watch

UCTV has made it a point to make its programs available to users through more than one platform. In fact, they have multiple avenues in place where viewers can watch. They offer life streaming from the website were each video takes place at a scheduled time; an off-line cable television channel available in different parts of the country; a full Youtube channel where they host more than 5,000 videos with more than 73,000 subscribers; video on demand where they host thousands of programs available from their site that can be watched at any time; Podcasts where many of the programs are offered in audio and video feeds; iTunes so users can download programs onto their mobile devices for viewing; and Roku for users who use ROKU for video streaming. With this many available avenues, UCTV does an excellent job of making their programs available to anyone, anywhere.


We found this to be a fabulous website for streaming video. With several thousand programs available on multiple avenues, anyone interested in extended learning programs should be more than pleased with what UCTV has to offer its users. Each video is professionally videotaped or professionally directed so users can experience high-quality television watching. Additionally, there are videos available in several hundred academic topics including history, science, ecology, business and finance, and many more. The videos available from UCTV will last anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour in length. These videos are completely free to watch from anywhere in the world.

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