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The CW is owned by: CBS Corporation

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The CW Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 25 Oct 2012


The CW television network offers free applications for iPhone and IPads
Is completely free to use
The latest episodes are always online
Additional video shorts and trailers are also available
Video is high-quality


There are a small amount of episodes to watch
The CW television network does not offer as many programs as other television channels

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

The CW television network provides the latest episodes for more than 15 at today’s top television programs. The video is very high quality and loads very quickly. The website is very easy to navigate and free applications are provided.



The CW television network is owned by American companies CBS and Warner Bros. The name CW comes from the first letters of both of those companies. The CW was founded in 2006. This channel focuses on the 18-34 demographic. Catering to a younger audience is part of what makes this television’s programming as edgy as it is.


This network targets a younger audience and it shows in the design of the site. The website is laid out beautifully, is very user-friendly, and very easy to follow. They cheer is a black and green color scheme which is very easy on the eyes. Additionally, the fonts are very large and easy-to-read. Navigation located at the top is very easy to find and also easy-to-use. Each link expands into additional subsection the main menu is self consists of only a few links; there is very little room for confusion. Furthermore, while most video streaming websites are loaded with advertisements, the CW television network does not annoy its users with an excessive amount of Google advertisements. Instead, it uses the opportunity to direct users to other areas of the site in place of advertisements.


The CW television network is home to 15 of pop culture’s the most popular television shows. As mentioned above, this programming is geared toward the 18 to 34 age market. Many of these episodes have a large pop culture following. Each program is linked to its own subsection of the websites providing further information as well as streaming video of the latest episodes. Further information about each program is also provided such as trailers, cast information, as well as photo galleries. The videos offer to include the three ladies episodes. These episodes will expire as new episodes are posted. They also offer additional shorts and teasers for the shows. There are approximately 120 episodes to watch from all shows at any given time. Video quality of these episodes is superb. They load very quickly and have a high quality audio. These videos can be watched in full screen mode also. There is no need to be concerned with missing your favorite episode as it can be watched online at your convenience.


Since a younger audience is likely to carry devices with them, the CW television network has apps available for free download. The applications are available for the iPhone and the iPad. It is possible to watch streaming video on your devices are these applications. There are is no fee to watch these videos. These applications are available at the Apple iTunes store and can synchronize on all devices. Additionally, aside from the main CW application, there is an additional “Vampire Diaries” application to be used on iPhone and iPad. This application will show streaming video from this program and provide a social media-based game that all users can play. The game includes trivia about the program. But trivia questions and answers our updated frequently in this application.


Since the CW television network goes out of its way to target it’s a younger demographic, this television network is very prominent in social media just as its audience. They may use of the biggest social media websites such as twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This is an additional feature because it adds additional avenues to keep updates on the latest happenings of your favorite CW television programming. The CW has large followings on all of these networks for each of their individual shows. Additionally, the CW takes social media as an opportunity to provide additional video clips not always offered on the sites. Although there is not a large amount of episodes available on this website, social media provides additional opportunity to watch. Into the CW television network can enjoy Pinterest boards for each of their favorite shows and each show has its Facebook page and twitter account. This allows users to all only receive information on their favorite show without having to worry about us distractions from shows are not interested in.


Although the CW television network websites offers a small amounts of videos at any given moment, these videos are of very high quality with high quality audio that comes with them. Although these episodes expire, it is always possible to watch the latest episodes of your favorite programs on your own time frame. Watching these episodes is completely free on a computer or on an iPhone or iPad with the free applications the CW television network provides to its users. The layouts of this websites can be seen as additional benefits because it is very easy to navigate. Where other websites become cluttered and confusing, the CW television network websites is very easy to use. This website may be small in terms of streaming video, but it is built with the user in mind. Watching video of this site will provide an enjoyable experience.

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