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TV3 is an Estonian TV channel owned by Swedish media company MTG. Most of the shows are imported to the network from overseas, and include worldwide hits such as Top Gear, House, and Miami Vice. There is also a channel to cater to the Russian language-minority in Estonia, called TV3+.

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TV Shows on TV3: Bionic Woman, Californication, Damages, Dexter, Greys Anatomy, Journeyman, Law & Order SVU, Lie to Me, Lipstick Jungle, Mike & Molly, NCIS, Outrageous Fortune, Rescue Me, Smallville, Sons of Anarchy, South Park, Survivor, The Big C, The Simpsons, The Tudors, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place

Country: Estonia
TV3 Is available in: Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden
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Reviewer: R. Kilaia - location: Canada - Date Added: 2011-07-11 00:00:00
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Summary: Tricky napkin folding
Review: Looking to put a great show for my mom and dad tonightâ¦â¦was really struggling with napkin folding trick but on there are so many to pick from, looks like my parents would really get impressed with this one am going to try.
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