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TV Shows on SoapNet: Being Erica, General Hospital Nightshift, MVP

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SoapNet: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 9 Nov 2012


Excellent layout
High-quality video
Plenty of information on each soap opera


Streaming video is mostly promotional
No latest episodes are offer

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 1.0 (1.0)

This website does an excellent job of getting users background information for their popular soap operas. However, the majority the video offered does not involve full episodes.



Soapnet is a cable television channel based in the United States they offer programming for current soap operas as well as soap operas that are no longer on the air. Many this soap operas had a very nice following while they were being broadcasted and can still be watched on this television channel. This channel was founded in January of 2000 and is owned by Walt Disney. Cable providers discontinued availability Soapnet to its providers. However, there are still a large number of cable subscription providers that offer this television channel.

Latest Soap Opera News

As there are many people who keep up-to-date on their favorite soap operas on a weekly and daily basis, this website does an excellent job of providing the latest news and information for all of your favorite soap operas. These soap operas include also offer is located on major television channels as well as soap operas that are no longer on the air that were very popular in its day. You can enjoy of plenty of background information on each of your favorite soap operas. This website will provide additional information or actors involved in their soap operas as well as what they are doing now.

Additionally, this website provides interviews from many other popular actors as well as interviews from directors. They cover the most popular stories in the soap operas and encouraged commentary from their users in their updates. Their updates are users to continual anticipation and discussion of the most popular storylines on all their soap operas. You can spend hours on this site catching yourself on things you may as recently as well as things you may have missed10 years ago.


Unfortunately, we didnít find very many full episodes on this website. However, the subnet website does provide a large selection of video embedded throughout their website. The streaming video clips will take some digging to find. Most of the video included on the site are sneak peeks, trailers, and bonus footage. Although there are few episodes available, these sneak peeks and bonus footage are not available from the television channel and can only be viewed on the website. The video offer is very entertaining and other very high quality. Sadly, we do feel they could have offered full episodes to their users. The sneak peeks they provide are mainly intended to be sure were users stay tuned to up-and-coming programs they offer off-line. As mentioned, there are many streaming video clips but very few latest episodes.


The layout of this website is fairly straightforward and easy to find. This is actually done very well considering the website covers so many popular programs. They do a nice job of providing their users with a lot of content that is still very easy to find. This content can be searched within additional search function located at the top of the website. The navigation menu is fairly easy to use and this website offers additional information within the sidebars. There are many opportunities to locate latest information for your popular soap operas or soap operas no longer on the air throughout this website.


The Soapnet website does an excellent job of providing full scheduling for programs they will broadcast on the later date from within the website. Itís possible to plan your television viewing weeks in advance. Additionally, the scheduling available on this site will direct its users to further information for programs they wish to learn about. Sneak peeks are provided for episodes from within the schedule. They also provided promotional video for episodes they will broadcast.


The Soapnet website offers a full community to its users. This is done by means a bulletin boards system. Users are able to discuss their views and opinions of popular soap operas with other users of the website. Each popular soap opera has its own forum so discussions are much focused. There is a strong sense of community in these forums as many of the users participate frequently. The worms are completely free to participate in however, sign-up is required. Additionally, as each individual soap opera has its own social media presence, itís possible for users to follow each soap opera to receive the latest news and information from within their favorite social media websites.


This website provides a live of information to its users however; we were not satisfied with a number of streaming video available. We found almost no one full episodes; most of the video offered is intended to keep the viewer focus on programming that will be broadcast in the future. By there is a large number of streaming video clips available mostly in the form of sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes footage. You will find hours of video clips available to watch for free but you may be a little disappointed in the content offered in these videos.

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