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Redbox Instant is a Pay to View Movies and TV Shows website that also offers physical discs and online rentals as well. Only available in USA and owned by Verizon.
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Redbox Instant is owned by: Verizon
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The Redbox Instant app gives you unlimited streaming of movies The app Redbox Instant subscription also includes DVD rentals and pay-as-you-view content. ... More

Redbox Instant app is available on these devices:
iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Sensation, The new iPad

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Redbox Instant Is available in: USA
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Redbox Instant: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 11 Sep 2013


Probably the cheapest streaming + rental service around
Offer physical DVD rental in price
Supports multiple devices for playback


Library still pretty small
Not available on Apple TV
  Expensive online rentals

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

Great streaming service and managing your watching is easy. Service offers subscription and rentals as well as physical discs. Just a shame that the streaming catalog is so small.

Redbox, the company famous for the DVD rental kiosks have brought their service into the digital age with a subscription streaming with free disc rentals along with rental options.

Subscription costs range between $8-$9, the streaming only option is cheapest or you can opt for the four DVD/Blu-ray rentals from Redbox kiosks for the higher cost.

The streaming catalog is reportedly around 5,000 titles which pales when compared to Netflix's 60,000 titles. But the service does run on a number of devices from Mac and PC browsers, iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android devices, selected Samsung and LG Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, Roku, Google TV devices and Xbox 360.

The service along with unlimited streaming offers newer titles to rent or buy just like iTunes or Amazon. The problem is that the rental prices are huge. $4.99 for an SD rental and and $5.99 for a HD stream. I wont even mention the cost to buy a digital copy but it's high. Needless to say, if you want newer titles, head down to the nearest kiosk. Why digital copies cost so much never ceases to amaze and infuriate me.

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