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Pluto TV offers about 100 channels / streams that they get from other sources. The site also offers a handy EPG style selector towards the bottom of their site.

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Pluto TV is owned by: Pluto Inc.
 Pluto TV app available
Pluto TV have an app version of there website that allows you to watch various curated videos.... More

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Reviewer: Dale L Clifford - location: Tampa - Date Added: 2017-10-17 15:25:05
Rating: (3.0) - 0 0
Summary: Started using Pluto about 4 months ago and it started out great as it was at least if not better than cable tv. Within the last 6 weeks they have done everything that they could to make this platform terrible; for example the only problem when I sta
Review: Recently smelling of corruption. Originally worked perfectly, now they are using every trick in the book to disrupt their own progtamming. Their advertisers should look into what's going on as they are not getting what they are paying for
Reviewer: Bill Morejon - location: Florida - Date Added: 2016-01-27 18:52:05
Rating: (0.0) - 0 0
Summary: slows down your machine. I have a brand new Dell 5000 Inspiron 17 and this program slowed it down. It's also hard to get rid of even after uninstall.
Review: I don't recommend using it. It is another example of trying to get something for nothing. I don't know if it's their servers or what but it contains malware. Be careful!
Reviewer: William - location: 32809 - Date Added: 2014-06-29 12:37:17
Rating: (1.5) - 0 1
Summary: Takes forever to load
Review: Blurred channels, loading takes to long
It\'s just like the old web,and or! Could
Be my iphone 4 but all other sites load
Pretty good
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