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National Film Board or NFB is a website that's owned by the Canadian Government. the NFB makes documentaries, animation, alternative drama and digital media.
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National Film Board: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 19 Dec 2012


Videos are free to watch
Videos are entertaining and intelligent
Several thousand videos available


Some of the videos only a couple minutes long
The video available are not intended for mass audience

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Genres and Channels

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The National Film Board or NFB website provides viewers with several thousand streaming video files created by independent film makers. Films are free and also entertaining and educational.



The National Film Board, or NFB, is dedicated to providing independent films to viewers in Canada and also worldwide. They offer a large collection of several thousand films which tell stories about the environment, human right, the arts, and more. These films also include animation created for young and adult audiences. Their list of talented film makers is huge and is mostly award winning film makers and animators. Films can be watched in standard and high definition. The best part is that several thousand films can be watched for free from their site.


The films are hosted on the national film Board website with their own video player. The videos are viewable in full screen mode with full audio controls to adjust volume. There are several thousand films available to watch from the website. Films are full-length and range between 50 minutes to an hour long. These come in the form of animated shorts an independent film projects. The films are completely free to watch and are available at all times. Users will be pleased with the entertaining and educational quality of the films provided on this website. Additionally, new films are added all the time so the streaming video available to viewers continues to grow. The National Film Board website doesnít waste any time listing available video viewers of their website. In fact, although there are other extras available on this website, there main purpose is to provide a large list of available video to people in Canada and all over the world.

Genres and Channels

As mentioned, the films available are created by independent directors, film producers, and advertising agencies. They cover a wide variety of topics mostly falling under arts categories, human rights, and educational categories. This makes room for a large number of available subject matter in many topics. The available films are presented to users in more than one format. Users can find available video by most popular, and newly added, and also through channels of similar subjects, and playlist of similar subjects and DVDs can also be purchased. Currently, there are 13 channels available covering the following subject matter: human rights, arts, kids movies, green channel, biographies, hot topics, animations, outside the box, world, history, aboriginal, classics, and HD. There are also a number of playlists available created by the National Film Board staff and also by guest playlist creators.


The National Film Board website has created a variety of applications for mobile devices. There is a National Film Board app available for Smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. The most popular models are covered including Apple, and Android devices. Streaming video on the go for the films they have available is possible for users on their mobile devices. Videos load very quickly and are of excellent quality. Additionally, they offer several other applications for smart phones that are both educational and entertaining as well. They offer six applications related to their films intended for the purpose of complementing their films. Furthermore, each of these videos can be shared on the users favorite social media platform. They even offer a WordPress plug-in so WordPress users can easily embed video into their posts.


The National Film Board website has an extensive blog related to films and film creation. Aside from the several thousand available video from the website, additional films can be found within the blog. The blog covers the latest information in filmmaking news as well as technologies used in film making. They even offer interviews from independent filmmakers and their film crews. This blog is an excellent complement to the films available on this website. Itís possible to find further information for many of the films as well as learn some things about the film industry. Any hard-core film buff will spend hours on this website viewing video and reading the blog to catch them up on news from the film industry.


The National Film Board has a fully interactive section that encourages viewers from all over the world to participate in a growing video journal. They refer to this section as a journal of insomnia. This interactive section is built using flash technology. This is an ongoing work scheduled to be launched in 2013. The idea is for users to participate until they unveil the finish project in 2013.


We give this website a full five stars. Unlike the mind numbing and television offer by many of the other television station websites, the films available on the National Film Board site are created with intelligence in a way that will entertain any hard-core film buff for hours. If you are interested in understanding the film industry and watching several thousand brilliantly created independent films, this is the website for you. With high-quality video available at the library that grows all the time, a video viewer cannot go wrong. Additionally, their extensive blog complements the videos rather than overshadows them as we have noticed on other television websites.

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