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With Freeview you have access to over 50 channels and 4 HD channels theres also features like series record and Smart TV. Freeview is also free from contracts and subscriptions.
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Review: Freeview

Author: Steve Sanger - 7 Mar 2013


The service is free unlike its competitors
Channels available are increasing more & more
HDTV is available as well as PVR capabilities


Channels are not available in all parts of the UK

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

If you want a free TV service without subscriptions then Freeview could be right for you.



The Freeview service offers 50 channels of content on a digital delivery, along with program guide. Freeview is available on all new UK television sets as well as set-top boxes. The Freeview website offers a TV Guide which allows for 7 day catchup and when you want to watch something it will take you to the TV Channels website so you can watch it there.

Whats On

The website also has a whats on this week feature, this is a look ahead for the next 7 days as the best of whats on. and has sections related to best of today, tomorrow & later in the week.


There is also a list of Freeview Channels available, and theres a section on what Freeview has to offer and whats you neet to get it.


Freeview is available as Set Top Boxes and in TV's and is available free of charge and without subscription. Channels are available in Standard Definition as well as High Definition, you can also get the + version of the Set Top Box that has a built in Hard Drive, also known as a PVR so you can record your favorite Freeview TV Shows or whole Series.


Freeview's Set Top Boxes and in TV's offers up to 50 free-to-air digital TV channels and 24 digital radio stations. The number of channels you receive depends on where you are in the UK. but with the Digital Switchover process in full swing and continuing to boost digital coverage around the UK.


Freeview service as its name implies is free, so you dont have to pay for the service itself, however you do have to pay for the equipment to use the service. That said if you dont want to pay for subscription services then this could be a good option.

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