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ESPN Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 2 Nov 2012


Covers all major sporting events
Gives viewers tools to keep track of sports
Video clips are offered for all major sports


Website is a little hard to follow
Many of the videos must be unlocked with an off-line cable subscription
Videos offered for free are generally a couple minutes in length

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TV Listings

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

This websites provide many video clips for the most popular sporting events. The video is of high quality but full episodes must be unlocked.



ESPN, otherwise known as entertainment and sports programming network, is a cable television channel located in the United States. They offer programming that includes talk shows and live coverage of sporting event. The channel began in 1979. ESPNís number one program, Sports Center, has been aired more than 50,000 times. ESPN has offices in Miami, New York City, Seattle, Charlotte, and Los Angeles.


The ESPN channel covers a wide variety of sports. In fact, they cover most sports including football, baseball, boxing, basketball, golf, Nascar, Hockey, and even fishing and poker. In fact, in fact, they are known as sports leaders. ESPN offers wide coverage as well as additional programming involving all the sports. The ESPN websites provides an extensive schedule for all up and coming games, matches, tournaments and even provides tools for the visitors to keep track of scores from their favorite teams. Furthermore, you can find plenty of news clips regarding all sports related events. The ESPN websites does an excellent job of keeping their viewers informed.


The ESPN website layout is very confusing. This is due to the fact that they are offering so much content for so many sports related events. However, the menu located at the top of the website will help users navigate their way around. The navigation menu contains links to the most popular sports leagues including NFL, NHL, Nascar, and soccer to name just a few. Navigating to these lengths will provide additional content or each sport. These actions will provide video highlights of the games from the sports. These links will also provide streaming audio podcasts.


There are some streaming video available on this website. However, we feel as if more video can be offered. Additionally, it will take some digging around to find video available. Unfortunately, the video provided for the ESPN website is usually random and it will be difficult to find specific video you may be looking for. The video offered is very high quality and are only a few minutes in length. Although the video provided is random, they do tend to show video clips from the most important games. Therefore, itís possible to be updated on scores you may have missed. These random videos provided in each section are completely free to watch. You will also find some clips from their most popular programs and there are some latest episodes available. Itís also possible to watch them in full-screen mode. The ESPN websites does have an option to watch will programming of the ESPN channel. The video located on this website covers all ESPN channels. There are three channels in total; ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. Full programming for these channels can be unlocked for users with an off-line cable subscription to these channels. If users have a paid subscription, they will be able to watch all programming including scheduling at the exact time is taking place on television. This will allow users to watch television from the ESPN channel on their computers if they are away from home.


All users with an off-line cable subscription to the ESPN channel will be able to watch live programming for sports events happening simultaneously. ESPN covers most sporting events and many of these take place at the same time. It would be impossible for ESPN to schedule live programming for sports events happening simultaneously on their television channels. Because of this, the ESPN website provides live coverage that can be watched online allowing viewers to switch back and forth between sporting events or watch live coverage at a later time. Taking advantage of this opportunity will require users to log in with their off-line cable subscription accounts. Fortunately, there are several cable service providers that can be unlocked. Additionally, they will provide a schedule of live coverage that will be available in the future.

TV Listings

This website goes above and beyond to provide full television listings for all three ESPN channels as well as scheduling for live ESPN available from the website. If you are not at home during the schedule programs can be watched another location; itís possible to get the full ESPN effect from an office computer while the boss isnít watching.


This website provides a live content that may be overwhelming. There are a number of free streaming video clips available for some of the most popular sporting events. Additionally, itís possible to unlock the entire ESPN channel as well as additional programs if you have an off-line cable subscription. Although this website does an excellent job of offering news coverage, we feel it is a little tough to navigate. Finding the supporting evidence that interest you may take some time. This is largely due to the fact that ESPN covers almost every sport imaginable. We also feel more streaming video could be offered that doesnít require an off-line subscription.

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