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Bravo shows site showing video shows of Project Runway, Top Chef plus much more.
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TV Shows on Bravo TV: 9 By Design, Bethenny Ever After, Chef Academy, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Double Exposure, Fashion Hunters, Flipping Out, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Its a Brad, Brad World, Knight Rider [Original Series], Launch My Line, Law & Order, Love Broker, Mad Fashion, Million Dollar Decorators, Million Dollar Listing New York, Most Eligible Dallas, NYC Prep, Pregnant in Heels, Shahs of Sunset, Shear Genius, Sons of Anarchy, Tabathas Salon Makeover, The Millionaire Matchmaker ...[See more TV Shows on Bravo TV]

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Bravo TV Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 25 Oct 2012


Bravo is completely free
They offer a free newsletter with lots of information on current episodes
They provide free applications for devices such as the iPhone's an iPad's
A list of celebrity blogs is available to provide different perspectives on their top programs


The website layout may seem a little confusing at first
Episodes expire when the newest episode is available
Latest episodes are provided for all programs, however they could offer a much wider video selection

In this review

Shows & Scheduling
Streaming Video
Free Newsletter and Social Media
Shopping and Other Extras

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

Bravo is a free website that provides streaming videos for popular programs. They also provide a nice selection of behind-the-scenes footage as well as video not offer on the actual television station.



Bravo is one of the television channels owned by NBCUniversal, also home to NBC. Bravo began as a performing artist the drama channel but in 2000 switch to popular culture programming.


This website is laid out in a magazine type fashion, like the news site. However, at first glance it seems to be a little cluttered. Actually, once you get past the eyestrain the layout of the site begins to make sense. Luckily, the navigation menu is at the top of the sites in a large font so it’s very difficult to miss. In this respect, the website is laid out very nicely. The paint shop sure is easy to understand based on the navigation perspective. There are three main categories in the navigation menu; shows, people, and videos, each of these links open into a much broader menu or subtopics that thing under each of these main topics. Although, the website may appear a little cluttered at first glance, navigation menu makes up for an initial confusion. In fact, the navigation menu is one of the best features in the layouts.

Shows & Scheduling

Bravo is home to many popular programs; most of these are in the pop culture and realty TV programming categories. Their website provides a ton of information concerning all of their shows including full background and information on the actors involved. Full schedules are provided for each of their programs. This section of the site is very easy to understand with links provided to separate section for each TV show. They will even provide you with viewing suggestions in their “what’s hot” section giving you opportunity to choose what other people find entertaining without having to wonder.

Streaming Video

Bravo website offers streaming video for the latest episodes of more than 50 popular shows on bravo network. This website makes it possible to no longer worry about missing any episodes from your favorite shows. The latest episodes are always available while previous episodes will expire or to make room for newer shows. Additionally, they offer streaming video or show highlights as well as behind the scenes footage for their programs. This will provide viewers with an additional perspective about their favorite TV shows. Although episodes do expire or, there are always hundreds of free streaming videos available. Watching video from the bravo website is absolutely free.

Free Newsletter and Social Media

The bravo network websites offers a free newsletter to all website visitors. Subscribers of this newsletter can benefits from interesting tidbits from different programs and favorite actors. Additionally, the newsletter will provide some additional entertainment such as games and trivia for favorite shows. This letter is absolutely free and will be provided daily to subscribers. They are in a strong privacy policy so subscribers can be sure their personal contact information will not be passed on to third parties. Additionally, the bravo network protested paid in all of the major social media networks including twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This will provide additional avenues for broadband to stay up-to-date on the latest programs as well as special events taking place with bravo.

Shopping and Other Extras

Bravo websites offers a full e-commerce experience allowing users to purchase merchandise and other memorabilia opens on their favorite TV shows. Merchandise that can be purchased includes mothers, mousepads, teachers, as well as DVD. You also have access to free downloadable applications or devices such as iPhone and iPads. These applications provide opportunity to view the latest episodes and there are other applications available for specific bravo programs as well as gaming. Furthermore, free games are available on the website also.


One of the coolest features of the bravo website other than the tons of free streaming video includes a section of blogs kept up to date for actors of these TV shows. The bloggers will provide you insight or text from the TV shows from the actor’s perspective. These blogs are updated on a consistent basis and can be subscribed to individually. We found these blogs to be entertaining and very complementary or the streaming video. Bravo will also give you a list of celebrities to watch. These are their most popular celebrities.


Bravo website provides an enjoyable user experience in terms of providing information on the latest episodes as well as streaming video is always available. Watching assuring the video from the bravo website is completely free and you can watch episodes anytime you like. Additionally, Bravo offers an excellent newsletter to keep all their users updates on the latest news concerning episodes actors and bravo activity. Bravo extends the functionality of their website by providing free applications for popular devices such as iPhone’s an iPad. These applications are easily downloadable and available on the website as well as the Apple store. Bravo offers full social media connection so there are many ways to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

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Reviewer: Renee Breazeale-Baer - location: Caldwell, ID - Date Added: 2008-08-22 00:00:00
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Summary: BORING!!!!!
Review: My husband & I used to enjoy Bravo but you're like every other channels with all the stupid, insipid & dumb reality shows. I now watch LO C.I., The Actor\'s Studio Kathy\'s my life on the D list maybe Project Runway now again, but nothing else interests us anymore.
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