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ABC Family is owned by: Walt Disney Company

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ABC Family Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 27 Oct 2012


Easy-to-read layout
High-quality video and audio
Newsletter for additional information
Videos are pretty watch


Not very many videos are available
Each page of the website has continuous streaming media which may get a little annoying
Much of the video provided is of a promotional nature

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Streaming Video

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

There are very few shooting videos to watch on his website. However, the video provided is of very high quality.



ABC Family the television channel in the United States. It is owned by Walt Disney and ABC. They offer a wide range of original movies, feature films, a contemporary and family programming is company was founded in 1977 and began as part of a Christian television ministry. It was sold to the Fox network to be renamed as Fox family and then again sold to Walt Disney to become ABC family that is known as today. Television programs cater to a large audience but focus on teenage girls from ages 15 to 30


The layout of the website is very easy-to-read. But that may be due to the extremely large fonts on this website. However, although the ones seem very large to most people it does make a website very easy to understand and very easy-to-read. The color schemes chosen are mostly neutral with orange throughout the website. This is a nice color choice for the market there are targeting. This website does do a very good job of offering information for all of their television programming and old feature films they show on the channel. Overall, the website is pleasing on the eyes.


The ABC family television channel website offers the latest episodes for the popular programs viewable online. They also offer a selection of video clips and behind-the-scenes footage based on their popular programs. Since the ABC family television channel is actually a sub channel to other TV channels, , they donít offer as many episodes in programs as other TV channels offer. However, they do provide an excellent service by airing family feature films to network TV. All of their programming whether movies or episodes, are family-friendly.

Streaming Video

The stupid video provided on the ABC family television network is completely free. Itís also high quality video with high-quality audio to come with it. However, they donít offer a lot of video were watching. Video can be watched in full screen mode with full volume control. Unfortunately, you will not spend much time watching the video available on this website. But the ABC family television website does have a few webisodes not available on network TV. This television channel provides apps are all popular mobile devices. These applications will provide video sneak peeks of all their episodes. These applications will also provide full episodes on your mobile device applications are available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. They also provided some other video clips that are educational featuring the actors of some other television shows. There is constant streaming video on every page of this website which may get to be a little annoying. Between video clips and other choosers, there are many commercials.


The ABC family Channel provides a full on line e-commerce shopping experience. Merchandise offered includes memorabilia were their most popular programs. All major credit cards are accepted and transactions are secure. Just like the website, the online shop is geared towards girls between the ages of 15 and 34. You can buy T-shirts, water bottles, toys, collectibles, and variety of other memorabilia that is perfect as a gift for a girl. Itís possible to shop by show to search through only the merchandise you are interested in. The store is hosted on CafePress.


Scheduling for all their programs is available right from the website. You can look at the programs available for an entire month at a time. They also offer a free newsletter so subscribers can receive free updates. The latest news on all your favorite episodes will be passed on through the newsletter. Additionally, the ABC family television channel is very prominent in social media so updates can be received in this manner also.


Although this website offers very few episodes available online, there is constant streaming video on every single page. We found this very annoying as a lot of these videos are just looped to play over and over again. We found most of the streaming video clips to be promotional in nature. While we understand the need for promoting and their new episodes, the user is bombarded with these continual promotional videos. This website does not offer as much training video and some of the other television networks. Additionally, there is no gaming offered and the applications were other devices do not offer much more than the website itself. However, we do have today the video and audio is a bitch to reading the wall of the period and although it might be annoying, there is option to turn the audio off or stop the streaming video. This has to be done manually but it is possible. In the end, the layout is very nice but we feel more streaming episodes could be offered. Of course, this television network does not have very many television shows, but perhaps they could leave a few more episodes available.

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