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Launched in 1984 as the Arts & Entertainment Network, the channel was changed in 1995 to A&E as they concentrated less on the arts. The channel shows hit sseries like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Storage Wars, Criss Angel Mindfreak, Intervention, Paranormal State24, Big Spender, CSI Miami, and the Sopranos amongst others on the A&E TV network of cable and satelite programming
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Other A&E Television Networks TV Channels: Biography, History Channel, Lifetime
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TV Shows on A&E: American Hoggers, Beyond Scared Straight, Billy the Exterminator, Breakout Kings, CSI Miami, Crime 360, Criss Angel Mindfreak, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duck Dynasty, Flipped Off, Growing Up Twisted, Hammertime, Heavy, Hoarders, How the Earth Was Made, Intervention, Kirstie Alleys Big Life, Longmire, Manhunters Fugitive Task Force, Monster In-Laws, Obsessed, Paranormal Cops, Paranormal State, Parking Wars ...[See more TV Shows on A&E]

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A&E Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 27 Oct 2012


Completely free
High-quality video and audio
A large amount of streaming episodes
Some programs can be watched in full seasons


You may have a hard time leaving this websites as there is much to do and see

In this review

Streaming Video
Web Exclusives

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

This is an excellent website for watching episodes for your favorite programs online. All episodes online are completely free to watch and of very high quality.



The A&E is a television channel based in the United States. It is offered on both cable and satellite with its offices in New York City. A&E was originally known as the arts and entertainment network. It was founded in 1984 and issued to 9.3 million homes across the United States and Canada. This television channel first began focusing on biographies, documentaries, and mysteries. The Walt Disney Co. owns 50% of this channel.


The layout of this television website is very nice. They managed to provide a large amount of content in an easy-to-read format. Although they are providing a large amount of content, there is no confusion inside whatsoever. Additionally, this website manages to successfully promote their episodes without bombarding their users with annoying advertisements. The navigational menu at the top of the website is very intuitive and easy to use. They use fonts that are easy-to-read and colors that are easy on the eyes. The website is divided into subsections for each of their programs. Additionally, itís very easy to locate the streaming video on this website. In fact, this television channel offers a lot of content but they focus on making the streaming video very easy to find. Furthermore, a search function located at the top of the websites makes finding what you are looking for that much easier. We found this website very easy to use.


The programming offered on the A&E television channel focuses mainly on reality-based TV. However, the reality TV bound on this television channel is much more entertaining than other reality television provided by other channels. We found their television programs to be educational and also entertaining. Some of these programs will leave you on the edge of your seats. They are home to 38 of todayís most popular programs. The programs include celebrities as well as the lives of ordinary people. Each of their shows has its own subsection of the websites that will provide additional information on that show. You can learn about the background of the show as well as the people included in the shows.

Streaming Video

The A&E television channel offers a large amount of streaming video of the latest episodes of older programs. This website stands out from other television stations because some of the programs can be watched in the entire series. This is not true for all of their programs. Some of the programs only show the latest episodes. However, some other more popular shows you can sit and watch in an entire season. Additionally, there is no shortage of teaser video clips and behind the scenes footage from each of their programs.

Web Exclusives

The A&E television websites offers a series of shooting video exclusive to the Web. These include deleted scenes not available on television as well as Web only episodes. All streaming video on this website is very high quality with high quality audio that comes with it. There are full volume controls for each video and each video can be watching full-screen mode.


This website comes with a number of extras including games. Games can be played to complement each of the videos they provide. These games include action games, arcade games, puzzle games, and trivia games surrounding their most popular programs. These games low very quickly and are a lot of fun to play. This website has a new section will provide additional information covering their most popular program as well as the most popular games. The new section is very informative and providing other information about this website.


This A&E television website goes above and beyond in catering to their community. They provide online discussion groups so users can discuss their favorite TV series. Additionally, forums are provided for this as well. This website did not stop here. They also offer a full newsletter providing these updates to their subscriber e-mail addresses. In-depth Blogs or provided by their actors, staff, as well as website visitors to provide even more valuable content. Furthermore, this television channel has a prominent presence on social media networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. Updates can be received there as well.


We found this website to be top-of-the-line. The layout is very easy to use and they provide a large number of streaming video episode. Many of their programs can be watched an entire seasons and may also offer streaming video only available on the web. Furthermore, the leader themes can be watched in the website. This website provides a full community experiences so every Web users can participate in what is going on with this television station. This television station goes up in beyond to provide the user with an excellent television watching experience. Users are fully engaged and encouraged to stay on the website for extended length of time.

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Review: this is the most comprehensive video site I\'ve seen out there. It has EVERYTHING! This website is creatively designed and easy to navigate! I spend hours watching the videos here
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Review: WTF?? Can you only view this content in US?? What a heap of **** for us non US guys :(
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