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Take your Sky TV service with you using the Sky Go app. The service lets Android smartphone users watch Sky content both live and on-demand. The app is free but you need to be a Sky subscriber and sign in to access the content. You can watch Sky channels as well as hundreds of movies on demand.

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Sky Go (formerly called Sky Player) lets Sky subscribers watch live TV channels including Sky Movies and Sky Sports as well as a massive collection of on-demand streaming on... More

Sky Go App is owned by Sky
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Sky Go: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 5 Nov 2012


Easy to use program
Watch videos on the go or at your convenience
Many channels are available


Only supports usage on one device at a time
Only available to paid subscribers

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Ease of Use
Available Content

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2.0WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

The Sky Go application is only available to subscribers who have purchased access either offline or through their device. The app is very easy to use.



Sky Go is an application available for the most popular devices and similar to the computer based Sky Go service. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Laptops, Xbox 360, and select Androids. It is available in the UK and Ireland for devices with a 3G and Wi-Fi connection. The Sky Go makes it possible to watch television on the go. Channels included are those that come with an offline Sky Movie Channel satellite subscription. Users who subscribe to this service can watch all Sky Channels they are subscribed to. Additionally, they can subscribe to Sky channels through the Sky Go app for free and include download facilities for a nominal monthly fee. This will enable usage of Sky on up to two supported registered mobile devices and computers.


Although the Sky Go mobile application is available for several devices including your computer there are some requirements for running the app. For starters, the Sky Go app requires a Sky TV subscription that comes with a Sky+ box. Other requirements include a device that is compatible with the app such as iPhone, iPad with 3GS or above, a laptop, or an Xbox 360 with a Live Gold membership. However, as Sky TV has some obligations that must be fulfilled with third party contractors they do set limits on usage on mobile devices. Therefore, they place limits on the amount of devices that can be used simultaneously as a means to protect unlicensed distribution of their client's content. You may find this more than a bit limiting and one of the down falls of this application. However, Sky TV does attempt to reduce some of the irritation of this limitation by providing a variety of models the app is compatible with. Because of this the app is available on 10 different Smartphone models including iPod touch, Both PCs and Macs, and both iPad 1 & 2. Each subscriber will receive the option to switch between registered mobile devices every month. Unfortunately, this may seem like an attempt to minimize limitations but in reality it actually means the app will only live streaming video from one device at a time. There are other mobile apps that will not put any m] limitations on any of its users.

Ease of Use

Once you get past the 'one device only' (edit now 2 devices) limitation, the application is very nicely presented and very easy to use. It provides a full schedule within the application that will allow users to view what will be available to watch at a later time. The schedule is very easy to read and the app provides a smaller screen in the upper right hand corner to view your programs while searching the schedule. This ensures you never miss a minute of what you are watching while searching for programs to watch at later time.


The Sky Go application comes with a few features for each of its users. Its biggest selling point is the ability to watch streaming video from on one of your chosen devices enabling you to watch video on the go. This application is available to all Sky TV customers for use on their device at no extra charge. However, you must be a subscriber to use the app. You can subscribe through an offline cable service provider or through a monthly subscription that applies only to your device. The Sky Go app provides access to all of Sky Movies, sports, entertainment, and children's television including their most popular programming. Additionally, these shows can be downloaded to be viewed at a later time. This is handy in case you are busy during the time your favorite program is aired.

Available Content

The content available for devices varies. The mobile devices (Android, iPhone, and iPad) have access to live content provided such as Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Arts, The Disney Channel, all 11 Sky movie channels, 6 Sky Sports channels, and a few others. These devices also have access to Sky on demand services which includes hundreds of movies. The Xbox 360 and home computers have access to a few different services provided by Sky. Access for these devices include: 21 entertainment channels, 11 sky movie channels, and 6 sports channels. There are a few on demand services available as well that include hundreds of movies available to Sky customers.


The Sky Go application is very nicely programmed and easy to use, but we found it a little limiting. Access to streaming video is only possible for offline cable subscribers or those that subscribe to receive access through their mobile apps. Although, the application is also very easy to use it can only be used on one device at a time. This is to protect Sky's content providers from unlicensed distribution. Sky Go does allow its users to switch devices every month so they can choose between mobile access and access through a computer application.

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