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Flixster is a movie search engine including social interaction letting you share movie ratings, reviews and see what your contacts are watching.

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Flixster is based in the USA and is a social movie type site for discovering new movies as well as old.... More

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Movies by Flixster: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 16 Dec 2012


Free to use
Integrates IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes
Netflix can be accessed through this app
Available for multiple devices
Provides plenty of background information


We found no cons in this app

In this review

Box Office and Theater Sections
Upcoming Movies and DVD Sections
Movie Overview Section

Quick Verdict -
5.0WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

The Movies by Flixster application is free to use and download and will provide users with all the movie information they could possibly need. The trailers within the application are very high quality.



Movies by Flixster has received many accolades from several different credible sources. It is known as being the number one app for movie reviews and is more downloaded than any other movie application in history. The Movies by Flixster app makes it possible to browse box office movie that are showing and those that are opening soon. Users are able to look up show times of movies from their favorite theaters and even buy tickets online. Additionally, the Movies by Flixster application uses Raw Tomatoes to provide print reviews so users can may an educated decision before watching the movie. The Movies by Flixster application makes it possible to watch high-quality movie trailers and even download full length movies. Netflix can also be accessed through Movies by Flixster.


Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb is integrated into the Movies by Flixster app. The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are based on a scale of 1% to 100% meaning of movie is either rotten or fresh. The rotten or fresh label is based on the amount of good reviews compared to bad reviews given by users. This is similar to the reviews provided on IMDb that are also reviewed by regular people. However, the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes may be a little harder on movies reviewed than on IMDb. Because of this, a user can get a better idea of whether or not a movie has quality by using the two review systems together. Fortunately, the Movies by Flixster application allows access to reviews on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Users can make a fair assessment before deciding against watching a movie. Use of both of these systems makes it possible for Movies by Flixster users to make their judgment.

Box Office and Theater Sections

The Movies by Flixster application also provides box office and theater sections within the app. Once the user has properly accessed the ratings system using Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb they are then in a better position to make use of other features provided by the Movies by Flixster app. For instance, the box office section will show users a list of all movies that are opening in that week in a theater near them. By default, these movies will be listed by most popular but itís also possible to view them in alphabetical. The box office and theater section tab is located right next to the ratings section. This provides users with a nice flow between the seeing what movie is available in deciding if they wish to watch. Movie titles can also be clicked on to get further background information to help make a decision.

Upcoming Movies and DVD Sections

Another helpful section located in the Movies by Flixster app is the upcoming section that will show list of movies that will be released in the future. This listing will go as far as years in advance. Additionally, the users will also find a DVD page to be alerted when movies will be released in that format. The movie titles listed in this section arer ordered from newest to oldest. Itís also possible to find out which DVDs will become available in the coming weeks. These can be searched by alphabetical order or by genre.

Movie Overview Section

The Movies by Flixster application does an excellent job of providing plenty of background information for movies. In fact, there are multiple ways to access movie overviews within the application. The most useful way to access this section would be are the tab located next to the ratings and box office. In this location, itís possible for users to navigate directly to show times of theaters in their area. This section will also provide photo galleries and trailers for that movie. Other background information provided for movies including ratings, length, actors, directors, Genres and a full synopsis. Even more background information can be found for actors of the movies by clicking on those links. The links to locate a little further down the page but each actor is provided their own subsection where users can locate all the information they might need.


Itís no wonder Movies by Flixster has been named the most popular movie app of all time. The application is very easy to navigate and all of the many sections are laid out intuitively making this an excellent movie application. Similar movie applications are excellent for reading user reviews but Flixter provides users with much more information. The trailers provided in this application are high quality. Since Movies by Flixster is available for most popular movie devices and can even be accessed through popular social media platforms like Facebook and Google plus thereís no way to lose. This application is completely free to use and download and can be found in all device application stores. An application that provides so much information, is free to use and download, and works as well as it does deserves a full five stars. This application is highly recommended.

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