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Logitech Revue is av way to bring all you love to your big screen your HDTV. The Reviue is Powered by Google TV and the box comes with a keyboard controller.

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Logitech Revue Video

  • Works with your existing HDTV and cable or satellite system to provide seamless access to the Web, your TV, compatible DVRs, and Android apps
  • Surf the web for what you want to watch - right on your big screen - with the powerful Google Chrome browser and full-size keyboard controller
  • Browse your cable, satellite or over-the-air TV, plus over-the-web, for shows and movies with the updated TV & Movies app and program guide
  • Access Android Market to bring film, music, gaming, sports, news and education apps to your HDTV


Logitech Revue: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 14 Jan 2013


Web browsing is convenient
The keyboard is big enough to sit in your lap
Netflix and Amazon prime are supported


Web browsing can be slow if images are involved
There are many services not supported
Cannot search multiple avenues/services at once

In this review

Google TV
Available Services

Quick Verdict

The Logitech review is a system similar to Apple TV. It includes the Google TV technology. But there are better products available.



It's easy to see the Logitech Revue is going to give other systems, like Apple TV, a run for their money - or will it? This system comes complete with a browser, keyboard, and the search functionality is excellent. Each of these features help to add value to the Logitech Revue. But does that work as well as similar systems?


Setup is a bit more involved with the Revue then with other systems. However, it wasn't terrible. Setting up the media will require users to input the type of television service they are using, model of their cable box, and information on the television receiver. The Revue needs this information so it can integrate itself into your internet connection and television set to become the central source of all multimedia. The HDMI cable must be plugged into the cable box as well as the IR blaster so it can control the entire system. This is not as difficult as it sounds, but it does extend length of the overall setup process. Users who wish to watch TV as quickly as possible should be a little patient during this stage. This process will help also ensure the dual view (picture-in-picture) is set up correctly for future use. Users will be pleased to know it's possible to search local listings with this system. Therefore, if you are interested in a television show broadcasting in your area, this system will search the television show's website and let you know what channel it's playing on and what time. However, recording the television show will require you to navigate to the included DVR interface.

Google TV

Perhaps in the future Google TV will be more accommodating when performing a search of the available content sources, but that is not the case today. For instance, performing a search for specific television show will not tell users if that show is available through cable or whether it can be found on Netflix or Amazon. Unfortunately, searching each of these services will have to take place individually. Each user will have to navigate to Netflix or Amazon and search their websites to find their favorite television shows. Therefore, the search must take place in multiple situations for each specific app used. This is one of the areas where Google TV falls short.

However, the Logitech's keyboard/remote is excellent. We even found it more appealing than the remote control and keyboard included with the Sony Internet player. The keyboard/remote is wireless and includes touchpad technology to make browsing the web easier. Also, it is a little larger than remote controls provided with similar systems. In fact, it's feasible to use this keyboard/remote on your lap rather than in your hand. How the user feels about this will depend on personal preference. Some users will prefer the handheld remote over the lap based version. Unfortunately, we found issues with the touchpad as no tap-to-click is available with this model. But this is not necessarily a deciding factor as rolling in is available.

Available Services

Some of the more popular services are supported with the Logitech review. Netflix users will enjoy the excellent playback quality with this system. The standard definition playback is excellent. In fact, of the similar products we have tested we would rate it a pretty high. Additionally, the Netflix user interface is also extremely easy-to-use. Other services that are supported include Amazon prime. Unfortunately, although the playback of Amazon prime is exceptional, the user interface isn't near as friendly as what we found in Netflix. Navigating is not terribly difficult however. The HD content that streams from Amazon handles details very well. Finally, other content worth mentioning is video found through the Web browser. Browsing the Internet can be a little slow if there are many graphics on the page. Although it is acceptable, users will find it much easier to simply search for content on a regular computer. Sadly, Hulu, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox are not supported yet


Like other systems of this caliber the Logitech system is adequate but doesn't really measure up to systems such Apple TV. Although the Logitech Revue is a little they cheaper than Apple TV, it isn't enough of a benefit to choose this system over Apple's. In fact, the Logitech Revue system is only about $10 cheaper than Apple TV. Although Netflix works very nicely, there are other systems on the market that support more services. However, access to the Web from your living room is a very convenient feature even of it is a little slow. In our opinion this is not a big enough benefit to choose this system over others who support more services and more file formats. In fact, if not for the Web browsing function available with the Logitech review this system would not hold its own against similar products.

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